Fashion Astrology: how to establish a relationship with Mercury and Sun does not lose your individuality?
Fashion Astrology: how to establish a relationship with Mercury and Sun does not lose your individuality?

Visitors of Fashion-Astrology.com are already familiar with the article, which demonstrates the same approach. In it, we compared the characteristics of Jupiter in Cancer and in Leo. Recall that Jupiter plays a key role in shaping fashion trends. This planet has a 12-year cycle of movement. Every year Jupiter moves into a new Zodiac sign, and contributes to the formation of a new, socially attractive image. Such changes in the movement of the heavenly bodies are confirmed in the development of the fashion industry: for example, in the new color scheme, and well accepted by the average consumer.

We have analyzed the influence of planets rulers of signs in which Jupiter is, on fashion and lifestyle formation. The period of transit of Jupiter in Cancer (June 2013-July 2014), I called the Lunar-Jovian period, and the period of Jupiter in Leo (July 2014-August 2015)  a Solar-Jovian period, which is also reflected in fashion. In August of 2015, Jupiter will move into Virgo and will remain there until September 2016. I called this period, Mercurian-Jovian period. From this moment a new story begins with new ethical values, which will be reflected in a new marketing and advertising policy.

During the transit of Jupiter in Leo, we need to learn to express our individuality, to be actively engaged in creative activities, in the realization of our talents. The most important lesson of this period is not just flaunt your «ego», but also to reinforce your personal achievements, so they are not left empty tinsel. At the moment of transition of Jupiter in Virgo the structure of social values is changing. A one-time leap, again followed by a period of stagnation or sabbatical now no rolls longer. At the forefront issues of work, service, everyday painstaking efforts are.

Let’s consider the fashion images, dictated by Jupiter in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo, and compare them with each other. This will give us the answer to the question posed at the beginning of the article: how to establish a relationship with Mercury, the ruler of the new annual period and not lose your individuality?

Table 1. Comparative characteristics of the position of Jupiter in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo influence on fashion and lifestyle.

The planet 

in the sign 

and its impact on fashion

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Virgo


(month, year)

July 2014-August 2015

August 2015-September 2016

Planet Ruler of sign



Features and Functions

Center of the solar system, the source of life on Earth, bright and generous. Daylight.

Depicted as a circle with a dot in the center, symbolizing the self and distribution of energy outward. Active, masculine. Cycle of one year.

Especially it will be noticeable to the representatives of the fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The closest planet to Sun. Space communicator and mediator. Playing the role of intermediary between the sun and the moon: the sun shall be what takes Moon.

Its image has sunny (a circle with a dot) and the moon symbol (bowl). The cycle of treatment approximately 1 year. It has periods of retrograde motion.

Especially it will be noticeable to the representatives of Virgo and Gemini (Zodiac signs with ruler- Mercury).

Color scheme

Ochre, gold, crimson, purple. Glitter and shine.

Motley mixed shades, gray, celadon, changeable hues.

Design lines

Clear, simple, primitive.

Many small design lines. Attention to detail and quality of processing of the product.

The form, key silhouette

A-line, trapeze, sun flared.

Straight silhouette.

Patterns, prints

Circle, the sun, the radial lines, sunflowers, bee, large single flowers, primitive drawings.

Small patterns, densely filling the entire space on the fabric. Light print on a dark background. Botanical theme. Insects, butterflies, beetles, dragonflies. Imitation terrestrial relief.

Life style

Active search for self, Creative arts in any area. Optimistic experiments with a new style of life.

Networking with the outside world, the active development of new information, adequate reflection of personality traits through analysis, logic, new mental constructions.

Fashion signs of a new period of 2015-2016

To illustrate this article we have chosen a fragment of the immortal works by Michelangelo, where the hand of God with a powerful thumb and forefinger pull animates Adam. This is the smallest gesture that leads to great results. So, we are moving from individual creativity to establish active links with the outside world, learn the art of small steps every day to do useful work, care about the environment. Change the holidays and enchanting costumes on a comfortable and functional clothing, gold, amber on carnelian and citrine, learn the art of combination. A separate issue: the accessories that actually make your way. Among the favorites of this period are gloves, belts, mobile bracelets, small bags, messengers (in accordance with the symbolism of Mercury). Embroidery, hemstitch, macramé, beading are the most typical decorative elements of Virgo sign, which will regain popularity during this period. I also want to note that the basic laws set forth in this article also can be applied to the next period of Jupiter in Virgo after 12 years.

We pay attention to details and make a new puzzle of our preconceived ideas about the world! 


Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?
Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?

This book represents absolutely new approach to a fashion question. For the first time the attention to the question is formulated, whether it is possible to calculate the fashion. Investigations of the author allow us to answer this question in the affirmative. In the book the original algorithm of forecasting of the new fashion, based on astrological cycles and movement of planets is resulted.

The Fashion and Beauty Astrology
The Fashion and Beauty Astrology

In the book high lights of the astrological theory of fashion forecasting  developed by the author are stated. Here are original formulas of a birth of a new fashion which allow to predict with the big accuracy any events in a fashionable sky — from cardinal changes in a fashion to nuances of fashionable color scale, from changes of a fashionable image till the moment of a birth of new perfumes and aromas are resulted.

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