Fashion Astrology: color of your character
Fashion Astrology: color of your character

The individual color scheme is an original colour passport, a set of certain colors or their combinations which gives the information on structure of your character. Choose the favorite color among the presented shades and check up, how much precisely he reflects features of your person and peculirities of your individual horoscope.

Fashion Astrology has original techniques which allow to create the unique individual style. This article of the known fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko gives you an unusual key to change of lines of the person — through changes of color scheme of your clothes and also through color of all subjects which surround you.


Red is the strongest color which reflects an active vital position. People, who choose red color in their individual style, usually do not spend the emotions for anger and aggression. They are able to operate the condition and keep optimistic mood. Red is also the most popular color. Choosing this color, you show that you are ready to submit to the standard conventions and are capable to operate the actions perfectly. It is important to apply red color correctly, if you love it. Red comprises such qualities, as passion, aggressiveness, endurance, boldness and other qualities of character which give pleasure to life and love to adventures. You can meet among admirers of red color as heroes, and their admirers, great athletes and temperamental sports fans.


This deep shade dark red specifies in viability and force of his owner. There are a tendency and restraint at him simultaneously. He testifies sometimes to isolation and gloom. This color has a set of shades. The richer this shade, the better. Prevalence of red shades in the claret specifies in strong aggressive spirit, his ability to overcome difficulty. If in the claret the share brown is high, it speaks about ordinary material interests and mercenary acts of the person which chooses him.


This color underlines optimism and vigor. He is chosen by the people who have been adjusted on success and ready to achieve the objective. Crimson reflects activity in intellectual level (shows internal intelligence of the person). This shade also characterizes loving, tender and gentle person. They are often the thoughtless natures which follow the tastes of the desires, but are able to study on the errors and to take experience from the past.


It is the most passionate shade of red color. It is color of contradictions. He can give as the most peaceful, and the most spiteful nature. The people choosing this color for individual style creation, can unexpectedly fly into a rage, their actions often do not have purposefulness. Scarlet speaks about cheerful, but changeable character. Also he testifies to strong selfish promptings. Such person is inclined to receive more, than to give in love.


Pink is last among light shades red. He specifies in love, instead of simply attachment and desire to help other people. Pink keeps activity red, but has more gentle disposition in which does not leave a place of jealousy and rage. Admirers of pink are really thin and sensitive people with gentle heart. They are easy for offending a careless word or an act, but they quickly forgive insults. The more darkly the shade pink or is closer to pure red color, the more strongly he needs correction of emotional displays. The pink tone is lighter, the more love and compassion the person choosing him is ready to show. Bright tones of pink color specify in cheerfulness, faded ones do on gloom and isolation.


It is color of rather purposeful people. People with this vibration in the aura are proud and independent; they are capable to influence actively other people and to change a course of events. An energy of red is always exists in orange color, but it is noble and limited more often by sensual displays. The main characteristic of orange is an ambition. The main lack is an absence of sincere heat. The people choosing orange color, aspire to win popularity at any cost and force to trust them. If orange is your color, it is necessary for you to learn to establish restriction for own ambitions. You should realize that in life is appreciated not only the iron logic and intelligence. You demand more indulgence to other people, to their lacks and weaknesses.


This color has unfairly bad reputation. Actually he deserves the appreciation as strong and a pure color. While the orange shows propensity to intelligence, yellow shows actually the intellectuality, the developed mental faculties. It is color of the Sun. In practical sense the yellow means scientific mind, ignorance overcoming. Yellow also shows artistic abilities. If you choose yellow color in your individual style, it allocates you with wisdom and creative abilities. Other question is how much you are capable to realize them. Many people choose not bright gold color, and more pale, light shades which testify to care and shyness. On the contrary, the bright yellow specifies in the person adjusted on a victory and assured of the forces. The faded yellow marks the selfish person too absorbed by introspection, and missing successful possibilities. Worst of all is yellowy-brown, rather dirty tone. If such colour finds at you the response, that time to remember and other shades of your favorite yellow color — generous bright yellow and deep gold.


It is magnificent color of the nature and the life. The people choosing this color are able to adapt to circumstances easily. They love friendly dialogue and are inclined to perceive life too easily. Owners of this color usually blame other people for failures. They can be compassionate and sentimental that more often by others is perceived as weakness. Green color is diametrical contrast of red colour. The person of this color is invariable and constant, as the nature. He is constrained in anger and is sluggish in actions. He is self-assured. If in dispute he feels the correctness for what will not concede the positions.

If green is your color, you happen too trustful, but people love you for open heart and readiness to come to the rescue to them. Simply do not spend force on trifles, and search for the present affairs, the great purposes.


Emerald is the most changeable shade of green color. He lifts ability to adaptation to level of adventures and adventures. People with this powerful vibration possess all force which contains both in red, and in pure green color. Emerald color also allocates with propensity to sentimentality and compassion.


It is the weak, faded shade avoiding questions at issue, searching justifications to own inactivity. This natural color is too passive to help the person who chooses him.

Light green

This color possesses more successful features, in comparison with previous. His promising and pleasant vibration allocates with compassion and deep emotional understanding. He can be too sentimental and dependent.

Colour of a sea wave

This color is much darker than other shades of the green. Together with force he bears envy. Instead of care this deep green specifies in cunning and disturbs purposefulness. He has a great value at green color shades. If in his structure more yellow, green becomes unstable; if more dark blue, he turns in too magnificent. If green is your favorite color, I advise to you to find a balance point in shades and to pick up, unique according to own bents and your individual style.


It is very strong color which testifies to conservatism and adherence to the ideals. This color mixes sensuality with fervor and can be to go on a wrong way, does not want to recognize the errors. Therefore if blue is your color, it is important to you to choose for itself the most suitable shade harmonizing lines of your character. All blue colors specify in ability to fidelity. Admirers blue willingly get new friends, but relations often happen to them formal. Red color is responsible for a primary impulse, green gives vital forces by nature, and blue addresses to the sky and the sea for inspiration. Blue becomes prevailing color in search of the higher depth. Blue color replaces with success the red in business, public and educational circles.


The azure or celestial-blue shade is chosen by people who are really capable to raise over the ordinary. It is a symbol of the unselfish person, and also for whom spiritual riches it is more important material.

Dark blue

It is a strong shade of blue colors, showing fidelity, trust and a purpose constancy. His main characteristics are force and reliability. This color also speaks about independence and readiness for cooperation.

Indigo or ultramarines

These shades border on violet color. They have the basic qualities of dark blue, but are more inclined to love, than to fidelity and readiness to help other people. Firmness of dark blue is broken by impurity of other colors. The affinity to black or brown colour specifies in illnesses or egoistical bents. The strong shade of the grey creates uncertainty or even fear. Affinity to green as in some shades of turquoise color, testifies to impulsive nature.


This colour has very intensive influence, probably, therefore many people avoid him in the casual attire. He meets in aura of people the very strongly expressed self-respect. The vanity which disappears under violet clothes is frequent, becomes the reason of own failures. The people choosing violet color, usually do not realize the lacks and critics avoid. They are inclined to illusions and often live in the illusory world, avoiding everything that it is not pleasant to them. Violet is a calming, harmonious colour with qualities of contemplation and mysticism. People with violet aura are often allocated by literary, artistic or drama abilities. The owners of this color are often endowed with rich imagination and ability to creativity. It can be expressed from arrogance and the raised complacency. However, expression «a shy violet» concerns only a flower, but not to the person with similar talents. Therefore it is not necessary to stand aside. It is necessary to work only over displays of the abilities and to use this color more often for creation of individual image.


He reflects softer party of violet nature. People with such aura have pleasant and unconflictive character. Often enough they show special attention to trifles which another seem unimportant. They try to manipulate other people and to participate in another's projects so that not to cause damage to the affairs. The raised carefulness, punctuality, perfectionism happens a consequence of such behaviour. Pale-lilac color shows attachment to people, things, ideas, and a way of life.


The royal shade, speaks about sense of superiority and the developed self-respect. Many people who have become successful. Purposely choose to itself clothes of such color to underline the sense of superiority. If this color is shown in aura for such person, there are no restrictions in his aspirations — any purposes are accessible to him. Such shade in your individual style needs reinforcement events of real life — the high social status, the power, influence. If it is not present, purple color in clothes becomes only a sign of empty magnificence and narcissism.


This shade contains a considerable share of red and specifies in the person with the raised self-conceit. People with such color in their aura pay attention to terrestrial affairs, but they also are to solve practical questions successfully.


Long time white color was considered as a cleanliness symbol. Actually, white can mean the mind which has been not limited to any dogmas. The people choosing white color, really are very sincere and fair, polite and delicate, ready to help other people. Insistence and persistence can not suffice them.


Color of uncertainty, which reflects all scale of feelings: from fear (light grey) to ostentatious bravery (middle-grey) to egoistical dark grey color. It is deceptive color, a chameleon, which allows you to keep in the background and remain not distinguished. Owners of this color their aura, which often  choose grey in the clothes, like to remain in the shadow for the time being in the fullness of time to achieve the at the expense of others. The silver-grey shade is the most favorable in this scale. I advise to appeal to this shade and to use it in individual style, when you want to improve your personal  impulses.


Black has undeserved reputation of gloomy color, but it is a sign on internal force and calmness. It is possible to consider certainly, black color as a formality and calmness symbol. He makes impression of internal advantage without false pride and inspires respect. Black also can be very dynamical, allowing to operate many affairs. This colour likes to act solo, he shows all power only in proud loneliness. Black, such as other colors lose from connecting with other colors. He possesses property to make heavier other colors, to suppress their natural vibrations.


Brown meets rather seldom in aura of the person. This color shows invariable and constant lines in character of the person. He seldom lifts the person to considerable heights of spiritual search. The brown aura is more often adjusted on the decision of practical questions. Brown color is the companion of fair, decent and successful people. Those who choose him are not inclined to be drawn or seem better, than they are. Therefore to wear clothes of such color is the big responsibility. Dim brown, henna-red specifies in sensuality. Middle-brown does on the avaricious person. Dark brown can be a sign of irritable character. Brown shades as a part of other colors make heavier them and add gloom.

Any questions connected with a theme of a fashion, beauty, creation of individual style, you can discuss on consultation of the astrologer Veronica Tkachenko.


Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?
Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?

This book represents absolutely new approach to a fashion question. For the first time the attention to the question is formulated, whether it is possible to calculate the fashion. Investigations of the author allow us to answer this question in the affirmative. In the book the original algorithm of forecasting of the new fashion, based on astrological cycles and movement of planets is resulted.

The Fashion and Beauty Astrology
The Fashion and Beauty Astrology

In the book high lights of the astrological theory of fashion forecasting  developed by the author are stated. Here are original formulas of a birth of a new fashion which allow to predict with the big accuracy any events in a fashionable sky — from cardinal changes in a fashion to nuances of fashionable color scale, from changes of a fashionable image till the moment of a birth of new perfumes and aromas are resulted.

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