Horoscope of ornaments for hands
Horoscope of ornaments for hands

There aren't any  woman in the world which would not have any ring, or she would not dream to get a new ornament. Such attention to hands is not casual — after all gestures, movements of hands play our life not less important role, than verbal dialogue and other components of our image.

Besides, ornaments on hands long since are not only an indicator of the high public status, but also aesthetic taste, cultural level of the owner. Rings, bracelets underline individual style, give a necessary stroke to our image. Putting on this or that ring, we express the relation to the standard values, and also the inwardness and the intentions.

Really, correctly picked up ornament can become a pleasure source, bring good luck and happiness to the owner. It is completely not obligatory to transform your ringlet into independent value, having spent for him the fabulous sums or to order him in known jewellers. First of all, it is necessary to catch the internal, latent desires. And Fashion Astrology will help us to solve these secret desires. We bring to your attention the horoscope for Zodiac signs, which will help to choose ornaments for hands.  

Ring for Aries

Representatives of a sign on the Aries are very impulsive and mobile, they always are in movement. They will like a ring of the simple laconic form from white metal with a difficult diamond engraving which gives open space for imagination. Other variant is a smooth ringlet with a modest individual insert from a jewel — a brilliant, zircon. The transparent stones of yellow and red colour fixed in pads also will approach. The general leitmotif of all ornaments for this fiery sign — a shining sparkle of a stone on a quiet background of metal.

Ring for Taurus

Representatives of this terrestrial, material sign the most worthy samples of jeweller art choose. They are not tempted with a cheap something ephemeral or result of doubtful researches. Tauruses feed special love for stones of green and blue color such as to an emerald, a blue topaz, turquoise. Besides, they are involved with a contrast combination of several stones in one product. The ring for a Taurus should be made of white gold, platinum or less expensive metal, but with a noble dusting.

Ring for Gemini

The ring for the representative of an uneasy and dynamical sign on Gemini can be inexpensive, but it should differ in refined design. He (or she) will accept modern fantasy forms such as splashes, commas, strokes, and also strict vanguard ornaments with large stones. Geminis love movement which also can be reflected in their ornaments. It can be a ring consisting of several thin details, fastened among them (ring-week) or a ring with a mobile suspension bracket in the form of a drop or a chain.

Ring for Cancer

Gentle pensive Cancers choose ornaments are well matched for itself — the quiet, smooth, fluid form. Jeweller stones should not have bright shine is frightens off Cancers, causes in them internal anxiety. Cold shine and causticity of brilliants is not necessary to them to liking. The matte, not faceted stones such as opal, pearls, coral, and moonstone are preferable in Cancer's individual style creation. Cancers are not indifferent to silver and white gold. Will approach in rings both deaf fastening of stones and a stone fixed in pads. It is not necessary to choose rings with stones without a frame as representatives of a sign on the Cancer gravitate to the closed space.

Ring for Leo

Representatives of this solar regal sign in ornaments appreciate a noble origin and originality of the ornament. Therefore at least time in life makes sense to be spent to order a ring in the skilful jeweller or to get a product made by very small party. Leo also like to show ornaments which have got to them by right of succession. Especial value in the opinion of the Leos is got by a ring decorated with a donative inscription, an ancient engraving or monograms. In individaul style expressive, bright stones are preferable to this sign such as a brilliant, a ruby, and also amber, yellow citrine.

Ring for Virgo

The ring for Virgo should not differ in special dearness and luxury. The ornament for this modest hardworking sign can be noted any special pleasant detail which does not rush at once to eyes. It can be a difficult pattern of web of the metal, reminding ball or a mosaic as representatives of this sign like to solve riddles even in jewelry. A favorite kind of an ornament for Virgo is a ring with a small stone, for example, with a cornelian, chrysolite or aventurine.

Ring for Libra

Libra is a sign on the dual nature, and it finds the reflexion in ornaments for this Zodiac sign. The ring for Libra should be made so that it shared on two halves, or on the contrary, gathered from two parts. An important symbol is connection, the bridge, cross-cut which unites two halves. Libra appreciate harmony in everything, therefore him are complementary the stylized natural forms such as, for example, tree branches, weaved branches, pair of birds, etc. Quantity of stones in jewelry for Libra should be even as it is a pair sign. Stones in a ringlet can be different colour, but it is desirable, that they were equivalent on the size and brightness.

Ring for Scorpio

Scorpios choose for themselves a ring of the difficult form and an unusual construction. Often separate details of such ring are put each other or form an intricate pattern which is clear only to Scorpios. In a ring contrast stones on colour, metals and alloys of the various natures, unusual kinds of a facet or polishing are used. The motto of this sign is a transformation, therefore special pleasure to Scorpios delivers possibility to change the form of a ring or to move him on a finger. In a ring stones of the sated, bright color are preferable to this sign such as a ruby, sapphire, a yellow topaz, orange sapphire.

Ring for Sagittarius

The expansive nature of the Sagittarius demands the same expressive forms in ornaments for hands. The ring for the Sagittarius should be wide to reflect an immense outlook of this sign. Often Sagittariuses choose large rings-signets, gems, family rings with the monogram which equally approach both to men, and women. Inserts in rings can be different degree of saturation, from pale blue aquamarine and alexandrite to light-violet amethyst and deep dark blue sapphire. The stone should be put in order in pads in openwork twisted inserts. It reflects mobility and readiness for the changes inherent in this fiery sign.

Ring for Capricorn

Capricorns can be indifferent to a modern delicacy, but they will not pass by ancient antiquarian ornaments. Representatives of this sign also will appreciate laconicism of model, her reliability and fidelity to the best jeweller traditions, the ring of the simple form with a large stone-insert in a deaf frame therefore will be suitable. At an ornament choice the basic attention should be concentrated to a stone, his form, colour and the size. It can be very rare crystal either unusual semi-precious stone or the unique creation of the nature extracted from depths of the sea or rock.

Ring for Aquarius

The ring for freedom-loving Aquarius should reflect all changeable sides of his character. First, it should be interesting, entertaining and not especially expensive. Secondly, it should be innovative under a form and maintenance, for example, with the stones changing colour depending on body temperature and illumination. Thirdly, the ornament should be multipurpose, for example, rings-hours, a ring-thermometer, a ring-hologramme. Here we don't mean a choice of any concrete kinds of stones and alloys. Aquarius likes any innovative, original decisions which reflect individual style.

Ring for Pisces

Pisces are sensitive and mysterious, with a very special trembling love concern the ornaments. They often choose the same ring with which are connected with sentimental memoirs. The water nature of this sign is shown in a choice of the form of a ring is there can be a ring in shape unclosed or the ring of the oval form stylized under a bowl, a wave crest. Pisces should avoid stones with sharp contours of a facet. The preferable form of a stone is in the form of the stiffened drop (cabochon). In rings for Pisces transparent stones of gentle water shades which change the colour at illumination change are good. Pearls, corals, nacre and silver or white gold also will approach for individual style of this Zodiac sign.

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