Jupiter in Gemini: Life in motion
Jupiter in Gemini: Life in motion

Jupiter is responsible for the formation of social tastes. Under its influence, there is an image model of consumption in any field, at that point in time is the most attractive. The cycle of Jupiter is 12 years: one year for each Zodiac sign. In this regard, every year we celebrate the change of preferences in color scheme, cut lines and a complete set of clothes, shoes, accessories and other fashion products. In traditional astrology Jupiter is a planet of «great happiness». Influence of Jupiter on the formation of the fashion we described in the following articles: Astrological key for your wardrobe and Fashionable spiral. epending on the Zodiac sign, in which this planet stays, a specific area of ??the human body and the corresponding area in the clothes highlights. I called it a «zone of generosity».

June 27th, 2013 Jupiter moved from Gemini sign into Cancer. And we can look back and take stock of the past period. Gemini sign is air, mutable sign, which is entirely subordinated to the idea of ??movement. Ruler of Gemini is Mercury, who is often portrayed as a god in the winged sandals. The projection of Gemini sign on the human body: the region of the shoulder girdle, arms and legs, wrists and ankles area. Accordingly, fashion inventions of this period relevant to precisely this area.

What interesting things Jupiter in Gemini left for us? There are any variations that relate to registration area of ??the collarbone, shoulder lines, wrists, ankles, etc. Field of calves we do not consider in this case, because it is a projection of Aquarius sign on the human body.

Fashion trends by Jupiter in Gemini:

1) decorative collar, detachable fur boa;

2) overhead straps, braids, sleeves shrugs;

3) removable sleeve, sleeves-wings, capes;

4) gloves, mitts;

5) tights variety of colors and textures, socks and stockings, overhead cuffs shoes, unusual design solutions in the area of ??the ankle in shoes, sandals and ankle boots.

Examples of lavish design of this zone are shown in our photo gallery. Some of these new products allow us to better express their individuality, while others remain silent witnesses of fashion zigzag and gathering dust in the home collections. Why are not all new items take root? What astrological aspects affect the viability of fashionable clothes and trendy ideas? These issues are discussed in detail in Veronica Tkachenko's book «Fashion and beauty Astrology» (RIPOL-CLASSIC, 2006), in the chapter «The surprises of fashion». We recall the main conclusions of this study.

  • The viability of fashionable idea depends on aspects between Uranus and Jupiter.
  • Quadrature or opposition of these planets results in different surprises, but allows re-use of this idea. 
  • Harmonious aspects between Uranus and Jupiter give hope that will join the new trendy fashion gold reserves.

Ten years after the writing of this book (and the book, as we know, are not written in one day), it should be recognized that all the theoretical findings were confirmed in practice. However, those things that were perceived as a gimmick, today does not seem so unusual. We passed through a serious school education of taste. Lessons of Uranus and Jupiter have brought us a new look to fashion image, a method of combination of things, the concept of beauty and bad taste. Symbolis sextile aspect, which was built between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini during 2012-2013, contributed to the emergence of enough harmonious things that will long remain in our memories and in our wardrobes. You also can build a collection of your unusual items and make your own conclusions, which will help the development of Fashion Astrology.

We say, «Goodbye, Jupiter in Gemini! Hello, Jupiter in Cancer!»

Photo Gallery
Jupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motionJupiter in Gemini: Life in motion


Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?
Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?

This book represents absolutely new approach to a fashion question. For the first time the attention to the question is formulated, whether it is possible to calculate the fashion. Investigations of the author allow us to answer this question in the affirmative. In the book the original algorithm of forecasting of the new fashion, based on astrological cycles and movement of planets is resulted.

The Fashion and Beauty Astrology
The Fashion and Beauty Astrology

In the book high lights of the astrological theory of fashion forecasting  developed by the author are stated. Here are original formulas of a birth of a new fashion which allow to predict with the big accuracy any events in a fashionable sky — from cardinal changes in a fashion to nuances of fashionable color scale, from changes of a fashionable image till the moment of a birth of new perfumes and aromas are resulted.

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