Saturn in Scorpio: «sex zone» on the lock
Saturn in Scorpio: «sex zone» on the lock

Saturn entered Scorpio sign in October 6, 2012 and marked the beginning of a new history of temptation, which runs until 24 December 2014. Why do we mention Saturn in connection with the theme of eroticism and sex appeal? In astrology, Saturn has a reputation of the most severe and harsh world. It is connected with associations such as cold, pressure, crystallization, a sense of duty, obstacles, limitations. However, these qualities are absolutely necessary to preserve the structure and retain it for a long time. Among the known heveanly fashion designers Saturn forms the structure of the fashionable clothes and is responsible for the cut lines. The cycle of Saturn is 29.5 years (2.5 years in one Zodiac sign). Transits of Saturn play an important role in the revival of retro fashion and are widely used by designers to re-read the «golden classics».

The influence of Saturn in fashion theme is convenient to consider in comparison to the influence of Jupiter. In a sense, these two planets have opposite qualities. Jupiter shows the principle of growth and expansion, and Saturn — the principle of limiting and compression. Fashion-Astrology.com visitors are already familiar with the concept a «zone of generosity». So we have identified the influence of Jupiter, respectively, as projection of Zodiac sign on the human body. Under influence of Jupiter in Canser «zone of generosity» appears on the bust area.Today we will offer another term in Fashion Astrology. It is «compression and restriction zone», which is influenced by Saturn.

Let’s go back for a few years ago and look at Saturn in Libra (October 2009-October 2012). Many people remembered this period because of the beautiful, feminine clothes with emphasized waist. The projection of Libra sign: the region of the waist, lower back and upper thighs. Accordingly, the «compression zone» is waistline, which finally fell into place after a long era of «falling pants». The mechanism of influence of the planets on the formation of the fashion was discussed in Veronica Tkachenko’s book «The Fashion and Beauty astrology» and in the report of the XXIV Iberian astrological Congress in 2007.

How can we explain the current situation from the Fashion Astrology point of view? Saturn shows principle of limitation through the powerful energy of Scorpio. It is the most magnetic and sexy Zodiac sign aimed at the topic of sex, seduction, intense emotional outbursts and deep energy transformations. Scorpio is sometimes referred to as «burning ice». And if it is added to the severity of Saturn, the result is a latent sexual attraction, which is under the control of our own limitations. In this case, only covert techniques of seduction are used, far removed from the frankness. In other words, sexuality is under lock.

The projection of the sign of Scorpio is «sex zone» (the area of ??the reproductive organs). Therefore, in the trendy clothes designer use all techniques that complicate access to the object of desire. This is not the thin strings that are pushed aside flick of the wrist. Lingerie by Saturn in Scorpio in its complexity is similar to spacecraft and its structure – to a chastity belt. Scorpio is Water element, feminine sign. Therefore, corrective underwear serves not only for minimizing and sink, but for underlining smooth feminine shapes and strengthening erotic component. Its role in the abundance of magnificent forms plays Jupiter in Cancer that makes the symbolic trine to Saturn in Scorpio. In the cut pants a combination of superelastic and superrigidity materials is used. Embroidery and rhinestones combines with lace, leather and plastic. Boudoir style lingerie, lingerie «before bed» and seductive lingerie for mature women is growing by leaps and bounds. Love exists for all ages!

Fashion trends by Saturn in Scorpio:

1) tight bra cup shaped form;

2) high-waisted pants;

3) fancy belts for stockings;

4) complex fasteners, laces, bows, with Velcro pants and corsets;

5) underwear for lifting the buttocks: pants with imitation of convex buttocks, overhead ass.

When the planet first enters a new Zodiac sign, then at this moment the most unusual ideas appear. When re-entering the planet in this sign more tailored solutions appear. In our photo gallery there are lingerie collections from CPM exhibition, which appeared shortly before the first occurrence of Saturn in Scorpio sign in October 2012. Fashion does not stand still. Look for patterns of restrained temptation in fashion lingerie boutiques!

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Saturn in Scorpio: «sex zone» on the lock Saturn in Scorpio: «sex zone» on the lock Saturn in Scorpio: «sex zone» on the lock Saturn in Scorpio: «sex zone» on the lock


Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?
Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?

This book represents absolutely new approach to a fashion question. For the first time the attention to the question is formulated, whether it is possible to calculate the fashion. Investigations of the author allow us to answer this question in the affirmative. In the book the original algorithm of forecasting of the new fashion, based on astrological cycles and movement of planets is resulted.

The Fashion and Beauty Astrology
The Fashion and Beauty Astrology

In the book high lights of the astrological theory of fashion forecasting  developed by the author are stated. Here are original formulas of a birth of a new fashion which allow to predict with the big accuracy any events in a fashionable sky — from cardinal changes in a fashion to nuances of fashionable color scale, from changes of a fashionable image till the moment of a birth of new perfumes and aromas are resulted.

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