Fashion Astrology: textile trends, prints and motives 2014-2025
Fashion Astrology: textile trends, prints and motives 2014-2025

In a new series of articles, we will present motives and prints on fabrics for a longer period. Some of these trends will retain its vitality until 2025. And let our readers are not surprised by such a scale. If analysts and workers of fashion trend-agencies recruit an army of researchers to identify emerging trends, we have tables, maps and graphs of motion of celestial bodies on which all clearly visible. At command of Fashion Astrology well-honed technique are, which allows to predict fashion trends with great accuracy for a short period of time — up to 5 years, and also for a longer period — up to 14 years. This possibility was first shown in 1997, when Veronica Tkachenko’s publications about cardinal changes in fashion appeared in mass media. They occur during the connection of Uranus and Jupiter in the same Zodiac sign, once in 14 years.

But now we move on. New research shows that we can successfully use the longer cycles of the planets, eg cycles of Neptune and Pluto, and their aspects with other heavenly designers, social planets which play an important role in shaping fashion.

We have identified 7 different trends in textiles:

1. Sun symbols.

2. Lion pride.

3. Grand Theatre.

4. Fascinating сartography.

5. Treasury.

6. Live nature.

7. True religion.

In each case, they form a pattern on the fabric, their own rhythm, their mood and their deepest meaning. More in details in a forthcoming publications. 

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