Textile Trends 2014-2015: Live Nature
Textile Trends 2014-2015: Live Nature

This textile trend appeared under the influence of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune entered into Pisces in 2011 and will remain here until 2025. This planet in astrology is associated with subtle perception of beauty, love and understanding of the highest spiritual values of man. Neptune in Pisces is in his monastery. It extends through all the Zodiac in about 165 years, staying in one Zodiac sign 13-14 years. Representatives of the present generation are lucky that they can accommodate this extremely fruitful period in conscious age. Neptune is a patron of photographers, artists, musicians, perfumers, and dreamers who want to get away from reality into the world of their dreams. This subtle astrological influence can be a source of higher inspiration, as well as a source of serious misconceptions. It all depends on the level of internal organization of the person.

We are not immediately able to tune in to the subtle vibrations of Neptune. Since the beginning of 2011 we had to go through a number of unusual astrological influences. Entry of Uranus into Aries in 2011 brought a sudden revolution, the fall of traditional boundaries and entry into the world of new knowledge, which define man’s relationship with the Universe. Understanding these laws reflects the eternal human dream of a better world, contributes to the development of the imagination, develop skills to interact with an unknown space, the expansion of human representations of the structure of the world.

In 2014, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio create large trin. It enhances the manifestation of Neptunian moments in all spheres of life. This means that the inspiration, the desire for the highest ideals becomes a leading human motivation. A feeling of inner peace transferred to surrounding objects, so creating new designs on fabrics that reflect the ideas of Neptune. This explains the origin of the new fashion trend: «Live Nature». In full accordance with the astrological influences fresh flowers or pictures of fleeting phenomena of nature (rainbow, rain, fog, etc) are transferred to the fabric. In fairness it should be noted that this effect is maintained until 2025. Pisces are hide sign of the water element, which is in no hurry to reveal their wealth. It is possible that the most interesting trends we see much later, when Neptune will enter Aries sign. Many beautiful discoveries ahead of us! 

Fabric samples on «Live Nature» are presented in our gallery.

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Textile Trends 2014-2015: Live NatureTextile Trends 2014-2015: Live NatureTextile Trends 2014-2015: Live NatureTextile Trends 2014-2015: Live Nature

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