Fashion Astrology: new feminity ideals by Neptune and Jupiter
Fashion Astrology: new feminity ideals by Neptune and Jupiter

With great interest we watch the occurrence of new designer’s collections, we accept or we deny fashionable experiments, periodically we update our wardrobe — and it’s great. But, fortunately, there are things, which force us to stop, to think about eternal, to understand our self feelings and ideals. It is promoted by conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, which in 2009 will take place within 10 months.

The aspect of conjunction is similar to weak opposition and is always connected with necessity of an equilibration of opposite tendencies. Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Aquarius is a belief in the possibilities and aspiration to dream, expansion of own influence and an equality recognition, it is love and mutual aid at high spiritual level. In July retro Jupiter has adjoined for the first time to Neptune, moving in retro direction also. And from this point of view we have begun very important work on ourselves. The following conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius will occur in second half of December, 2009 and it will allow us to make out more distinctly the personal and public horizons.

The following turning point in development of our outlook — Jupiter and Neptune square in the middle of 2012. Now we can slightly open our imaginations, which have been saved up within the last 3 years, and invite delicately in these world, those who are close to us, and also those, who will want to understand us. Before Jupiter and Neptune opposition in the middle of 2016 it is necessary for us to make a revision of the sights, an exit on level of the general ideas, and this process doesn’t occurs smoothly, without struggle and disagreements.

What does it mean for our Fashion Astrology theme? The Woman and the Man of an Aquarius epoch have the internal freedom, the developed individuality, absence of confrontation in gender aspect, the termination of disputes about strong women and weak men. Each of us has the right to the person, what he imagine as their individuality, without becoming the SuperMan or the SuperWoman. In the fashion world this period will be noted by a considerable quantity of inadequate imaginations, excessive shocking, a complete negation of a society standards. And our individual style depends on many respects, how successfully we have done our «homework».

And it’s necessary to say some words about invisible, but the important accessory — perfumes and aromas. Slow planets — in particular, Neptune, during it's movement through Zodiac in fashion horoscope influence the occurrence of new aromas. It is possible to allocate two main periods in manufacture of ready perfumes of the second part of XX century, divided by type of aromas. Perfumes of the first type — «vertical» — presents the old tradition, which appeared before 80-th. These perfumes changed after the contact with skin and reveal gradually. For their description we use the оlfactory pyramid — top note, middle note (note of a heart), base note. They was formed by influence of Pluto in Libra and Neptune in Sagittarius. Many experienced «users» of aromas had time to fall in love with these perfumes.

In middle of 80-th, by influence of Pluto in Scorpio, and Neptune in Capricorn, new generation of aromas — «horizontal» — occured. Their composition is perceived entirely and does not vary eventually. More in detail you can learn in Veroniсa Tkachenko's book «The Fashion and Beauty Astrology».

So, with help of Neptune in Aquarius and the subsequent conjunction with Jupiter new variety of horizontal perfumes is noticeable —  monoaromas, of simple compositions with well-readable main note. It is new new fashion trend. Representatives of selective perfumery (which aren't so changeable under influence of fashion tendencies) more often name their creations as one aroma or a one flower.

So, we are expected for beautiful time — to listen wishes of our heart, to listen the aroma of the only flower and to share our love with associates.

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