Сolor of the Year 2016 by Fashion-Astrology.com
Сolor of the Year 2016 by Fashion-Astrology.com

The forecast of the main color of next year plays an important role for all players of the fashion business. The world leader in predicting Color of the Year, of course, is the Pantone company. It offers its forecast a few months before the beginning of next year. In the trendy color all the major marketing programs and advertising campaigns built, a line of clothing and consumer goods produced. In this process two parties involves. First: manufacturers. Second: the consumers. The question arises: why consumers are willing to follow so together to the new proposed color? We have the answer to this question. Because our needs for one or another color affected by stars. Specialists in fashion forecasting can invent all sorts of reasons for the need in a new color, but for us the reasons are obvious. We just look at the configuration of the planets and make our own conclusions. Learn more about our astrological calculation method of trendy colors in the article by Veronica Tkachenko «Color of the Year 2011-2014 by the Pantone company and Fashion-Astrology.com».

So what is our forecast for Color of the Year 2016? As our research shows, the leading role in determining the color slow or social planets play. Chief among them is Jupiter. At a time when Jupiter changes sign in its annual motion of the Zodiac, is a sharp change in the perception of colors. However, a need for a new color appears. These laws apply to the entire planet and each of its region, but because of the national and cultural characteristics are manifested in varying degrees.

In the period from August 2015 to September 2016, Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo. But this transit does not affect the border of 2015 and 2016. There is no aspect of novelty. What are the other astrological aspects, which we can use when searching Color of the Year 2016? We need to study the position of other social planets, such as Saturn. This planet is in Sagittarius from December 2014 to December 2017. In this regard, in the fashion a calm blue – indigo – came, which we called Color of the Year 2015. Throughout 2016 the opposition between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces traces. This aspect contributes to the appearance of contrasting types of harmony, but not conducive to the allocation of one of the two trendy colors. In this pair more strong is Neptune in Pisces, which is in his monastery. It retains its influence over the entire 14 years, so it has no sharpness.

The most important event in 2016 is the transition of Jupiter from Virgo into Libra. It is a sign of man’s nature, the air element, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and harmony. So the colors and symbols of Venus will be relevant throughout 2016. In creating Color of the year 2016 the opposition between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra took part. Uranus is known in our fashion theme as a generator of new ideas, which enhances the display of a pair of signs Aries-Libra. Uranus is in the second decade of the sign of Aries. So, we also use the color of the second decade of the opposite sign: Libra. This is pale pink color, which is represented in our gallery. So, we decided on the main color. Now it is important to give it a beautiful name. This is the second part of success.

Remember that Libra is on the horizon line that separates the northern and southern part of the zodiac, or the upper and the lower hemisphere. So, in the name of the color we should use these associations. Venus is responsible for the scope of the senses. Depending on its location in the sky (after the Sun, or in front of it) this planet has different names. Morning Venus gives a tendency to hunch, and the evening Venus gives the ability to better understanding of emotions after the event. We like the association with the sunrise: it gives a hope for a new day, set up in a new way, creating a certain mood. Therefore, we decided to name Color of the Year 2016 (Pink): Morning Tenderness. Suppose in 2016 your life will love and tenderness! 

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Сolor of the Year 2016 by Fashion-Astrology.com

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