New Year image 2020
New Year image 2020

We bring to your attention our logo forecast by the fashion astrologer Veronica Tkachenko.

This time I write a New Year forecast with great pleasure and anticipation of a stunning novelty. These feelings are not formed from scratch: they are explained by the upcoming changes in the fashionable sky. In early December, Jupiter, the main indicator of fashionable tastes, changes the address of its annual residence permit and moves from the dynamic, fiery Sagittarius sign to the earthly, fettered Capricorn sign. Here Jupiter does not feel at ease and manifests itself in a completely different way. The outlines of clothes become more disciplined, the A-silhouette changes to a rectangular one, the color scheme becomes darker and more restrained.

Another important event of the near future is the transition of Saturn, the space cutter, from the Capricorn sign to the Aquarius sign. After 2.5 years of limiting the possibilities of manifestation of individuality, we exit the hard case, our usual framework expands. Now our ceiling is the sky, the Cosmos, the space of freedom and original ideas. These are the main characteristics of the sign of Aquarius, which we have yet to master in the next few years. Saturn in the fashion theme is responsible for the design lines that will now have all the signs of a new architectonics, non-Euclidean geometry, aeronautics and rocket science. But seriously, then Saturn in Aquarius will offer us a whole set of characteristic designs: these are multi-tiered dresses and skirts, an uneven bottom line, torn edges, a free flowing cut, oversize. Such astrological events will be reflected in the New Year’s image.

Now, let's look at a fashionable horoscope compiled on December 31, 2019. First of all, we pay attention to personality planets. The Moon in Pisces promises a maximum of mystery, as well as increased sensitivity to alcohol. If you emphasize the influence of the Moon in your image, you can easily capture your partner in the captivity of illusions without additional effort. Then alcohol is not needed. Moon in Pisces: mermaid dresses, tight-fitting skirts with an extension downward (fishtail), floor length required, as well as silk pantsuits in pajama style.

Venus in Aquarius broadcasts to us the most advanced trends. These are loose dresses of complex designs, with fabric overlay and optical effects. Another variant of Venus in Aquarius is unisex clothing, in which your gender is emphasized by unusual accessories. And this will be the number one choice for the most progressive fashion fans. By this way you will support a new nascent fashion trend (Saturn in Aquarius), which by its stellar characteristics will be born only in March 2020.

Mars in Scorpio does not play a decisive role in the New Year's image, but it will add a stable erotic tension to the mood of the whole evening — for both men and women.

The main sign of the New Year's image is color. In the New Year's color palette there are both traditional colors: muted blue, charcoal black, silver gray, but also a new, yet unusual for the winter season colors: soft light emerald color. The first ones on this list reflect the color vibrations of the Capricorn sign (Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn), and the second is the color of the coming season, which reflect the vibrations of the sign of Aquarius (Venus in Aquarius).

And here you can go in two ways, as the fairy tale says: «if you will go to the right - you will lose the horse, if you will go to the left - you will gain a kingdom» ...

The presented color samples were developed in collaboration with St. Petersburg astrologers: Semira and Vitaly Vetash. They are based on ancient astrological traditions, modern studies of astropsychology and data on the spectral radiation of planets. At the moment, an electronic library of colors has been created: «Colors of the Decades of the Zodiac Signs» and «Colors of the Planets in the Zodiac signs», which serves as an effective tool in predicting fashion trends and developing an individual horoscope style. These color swatches are freely available at Fashion-Astrology.com. Use them for free, but do not forget about Copyrights!

So, now you have an idea about the current New Year's image and actual colors. As you have noticed, in this forecast I do not dictate or prescribe anything. You are given complete freedom. And this is an important sign of the new fashion era of Aquarius. Be happy, be yourself!

I remind you that the above recommendations are related only to New Year's Eve. For another date, they will be completely different. And, of course, on New Year's Eve we do not celebrate the Year of the Rat. The Year of the White Metal Rat will begin only on January 25, 2020. Until then, the Year of the Pig continues. Everything has its time! Do not follow the illiterate press!

At the consultation of the astrologer Veroniсa Tkachenko, you can order your individual horoscope, find out the forecast for next year and adjust events in the desired direction. Order the consultation by e-mail: info@fashion-astrology.com.

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New Year image 2020New Year image 2020New Year image 2020New Year image 2020

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