Fashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designs
Fashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designs

With coming of the new calendar year, fashion experts are conducting lively discussions about what will be the fashion of the next period. Most often, they see in it a continuation of existing ideas, and sometimes they foresee a new turn in the fashion scenario. This time on the sidelines of fashion, everyone is unanimous in their opinions: yes, changes are coming. New ideas are in the air, you just need to properly capture and broadcast them to consumers. To forecast fashion trends, specialists of trend agencies use an intuitive approach in which errors and inaccuracies are possible. And here, in Fashion Astrology, for decades of practical work our clear methods have been formulated that allow us to present the image of the future fashion with great accuracy.

So what is happening in the fashionable sky? Two important social planets: Jupiter and Saturn —  will change the place of their space registration. Jupiter will go into the sign of Capricorn 12/12/2019 and will stay here until 12/19/2020. Saturn will go into the sign of Aquarius 03/23/2020, which will remain until 03/03/2023, periodically returning to the sign of Capricorn.

Jupiter in Capricorn 2020: trendy color and silhouette

Let's start with the influence of Jupiter. In Fashion Astrology, Jupiter plays the role of an indicator of social tastes. Under its influence, the image of the consumption model in the sphere that is currently the most attractive is being formed. This sphere in astrology is indicated by the zodiac sign, in which transit Jupiter is located. Therefore, to make such marketing forecasts it is very important to understand the symbolism of the Zodiac signs well. The cycle of Jupiter is 12 years: one year in each Zodiac sign. In this regard, we annually note a change in preferences in colors, design lines and outfits, as well as in drawings on plates and bedding, wallpaper and decoration materials, electronic gadgets, etc. From all that has been said, Jupiter has an impact on the most sensitive aspects of the consumer market, and the results ultimately concern each of us.

The theme of Jupiter in Capricorn will become a source of fashionable ideas for next year. Often, dense fabrics with a rigid structure, materials with an unusual surface, aging effect, fur and leather, precious and semiprecious stones, watches and other symbols of the time, antiques will be used. This information has a purely astrological origin. And experts of trend agencies for this purpose create a mood board, on which they spontaneously place associations that come to their mind, and then lead everything to a common denominator.

The most noticeable effect is color. I paid great attention to the development of this topic in my research. At the moment, on the website Fashion-Astrology.com (Fashion Astrology by Veronica Tkachenko) has created a detailed electronic color library in two main sections: «The colors of the decades of the Zodiac signs» and «Colors of the planets in the Zodiac signs». These color samples were created in collaboration with St. Petersburg astrologers Semira and Vitaly Vetash (website www.astrolingua.spb.ru). Color vibrations of the planets are the most necessary tool that makes the process of forecasting fashion possible. Without it, the description of the color scheme would come down to a simple set of words and images.

Pantone company is known for its accurate and diverse color patterns for home, interior and industrial design. Particular attention is also paid to forecasting a trendy color palette. At the end of the year, Pantone usually announces Color of the next Year. I was interested in comparing the forecasts of the world famous company with my forecasts based on the transit of social planets. And I found that the Color of the Year, according to Pantone, repeatedly coincided with the color of the transit Jupiter in the Zodiac sign (the first condition of the color forecast). Secondly, the color of the ruler of this sign in his abode plays an important role, i.e. in the Zodiac sign in which it is the master. Third, the base color of the sign ruler in which the transit Jupiter is located. Fourth, the color of the decade of the Zodiac signs, which are accented by the passage of transit Jupiter.

Now let's move on to the current situation. The base color of Jupiter is blue. Jupiter in the fire sign of Sagittarius has left us one of the most beautiful shades: «royal blue». Jupiter with the transition to the earth sign of Capricorn will change its bright shade to a more muted, which I called «teacher's blue» (the first condition for the color forecast). You can see the color samples of Jupiter at this link.

Let's list the colors under the influence of Jupiter once again: «teacher's blue», jet black, dark brown, gray-blue.

Now we turn to the forms and key silhouettes that Jupiter sets in Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet of «great happiness» and generously spreads its influence on everything with which it is symbolically connected. In fashion astrology, the area of ​​influence of Jupiter is called the «zone of generosity». It shows which part of the human body will serve as a source of inspiration for designers this year. Jupiter in Capricorn: spine, elbows, knees (projection of the Capricorn sign on the human body). In fact, this is the outer contour, which is emphasized by clothing. How to emphasize exactly this is the task of designers of the current period. In the arsenal of fashion, there are many tricks that visually change the perception of a person’s figure, and all depending on how the stars stand. In this case, the figure in such fashionable clothes looks more massive (the generous influence of Jupiter).

Under the influence of Jupiter in Capricorn, a sign of the earthly elements, a rectangular silhouette becomes relevant. Unlike the previous period, Saturn in Capricorn, this new silhouette will be much more voluminous and free. Structural lines do not cut the product into horizontal vertical zones, but rather, trace it vertically. In more detail about the influence of Saturn and Jupiter on the cut of clothes I talk at the second level of the training course «Fashion Astrology. How to create an individual style».  You can order an electronic version of the training course (first, second and third level) by e-mail: info@fashion-astrology.com and after payment get a link for download.

Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023: Trendy Designs and Color of the Year 2020

And now we turn to Saturn. Associated with it are associations such as cold, contraction, crystallization, a sense of duty, obstacles, restrictions. However, these qualities are absolutely necessary in order to maintain the structure for a long time. In Fashion Astrology, Saturn forms the frame of clothes and is responsible for constructive lines. The Saturn cycle is 30 years (more precisely, 29.5 years). Saturn Transits play an important role in the revival of retro fashion. This feature is often used by designers for a new reading of the «golden classics». They turn to the past period, a multiple of 30 years, and again use the forgotten cut lines and silhouettes. Saturn's strong position in sign - in its abode - in Capricorn - gives more chances to fashionable ideas for a rebirth, but already on a new spiral coil.

Want to know in advance the look of future fashion? Browse through fashion magazines 30 years or even 60 years ago. Burda moden magazines were my faithful assistants in studying the patterns of fashion development. Perhaps some of our readers have also preserved such magazines. In fashion magazines from 1960 till 1962 we can see extremely simple and easily readable clothing designs, a key silhouette: A-silhouette, broken shifted lines of cut, large or single prints. This is one of the characteristics of Saturn: simplicity and clarity, rigor and conservatism.

I think that in the meager, limited conditions of the early sixties, clothing manufacturers were not up to the realization of their fantasies. It was impossible to meet anything original then. Then the shock and surprise caused the collection of André Currez in the space style for the «Moon girls» (metal girls) in metal and plastic, in white and silver. Since it actually began the era of futurism in fashion. The space theme and uniforms of all kinds will receive a new development this time too.

In the period 2020-2023, the other side of Saturn will also appear in Aquarius. This sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of ingenuity and innovative solutions. Therefore, unusual methods of cutting, overlaying fabrics, and optical effects will be widely used. The most characteristic designs: multi-tiered dresses and skirts, an uneven bottom line, torn edges, a loose falling cut, oversize. Curious readers will be able to see them in the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collections and on the pages of fashion magazines.

Saturn in its function limits the space and, thus, defines fashionable prints and patterns on the fabric. A cage, strip and other geometric prints, so popular nowadays, will soon disappear. If we see them in abundance on hangers in stores, this does not mean that it is actually fashionable. This is the passing influence of Saturn in Capricorn. Just many manufacturers were late at the start. Typical prints from Saturn in Aquarius: feathers, clouds, balloons, airplanes, keys (from paradise), wings, angels. I talk about it so easily, because in my arsenal there is a similar forecast for the period 12 years ago (Jupiter in Aquarius).

In his transit movement through the Zodiac, Saturn emphasizes a certain part of the human body, which is a projection of the corresponding Zodiac sign. This projection remains the same as in the case of Jupiter. Saturn creates a «crystallization zone» — this is an indication of in which part of the clothes the most complex cut lines will be used. The projection of the Aquarius sign on the human body: the region of the ankles. This means: midi length, ankle boots, cuts on skirts and trousers in the ankle, and many other design techniques.

Saturn will also contribute to the trendy colors. I discovered another pattern: the entry of a social or slow planet into a new sign can play a decisive role in shaping the main Color of the Year. That is exactly what happened in 2012 (the entry of Uranus into the Aries sign) and in 2015 (the entry of Jupiter into the Virgo sign). This is an inaccurate chronological reflection of events. However, Pantone noted them in its forecasts. And now attention: The Color of the year 2020 is a soft, dull turquoise color (according to Pantone, the color is bleached coral). This color is very close to the shade of Saturn in Aquarius. I wrote about this on my website in the spring of 2019. You can see for yourself . 

Now we have a rough idea of ​​fashion for the next few years. Are noticeable fashion changes expected in the near future? They are observed once every 14 years, at the time of the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in one sign. The last time it was in 2011 was in the Aries sign. You probably remembered this bright cocktail of shades of red, the return of clothes of extremely simple designs and an increase in interest in the individual order of clothes.

Another cardinal change in the direction of fashion will occur in 2024, at the time of the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in the Taurus sign. This will be the era of Taurus with its characteristic features: the triumph of plus size, the predominance of solid and comfortable clothes, the increasing role of accessories for the neck and other interesting solutions. And all this will be worn!

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Fashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designsFashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designsFashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designsFashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designsFashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designsFashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designsFashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designsFashion Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius — new colors, shapes, silhouettes and designs

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