Key short-term social trends 2020-2022
Key short-term social trends 2020-2022

We have already formulated the main long-term trends in the article by Veronica Tkachenko «Key Social Trends 2019-2025». Now let us dwell in more detail on short-term trends that are formed under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn.

Saturn in its movement on the Zodiac every 2.5 years marks a new milestone. Saturn in the sign of Capricorn (from December 2017 to March 2020) contributed to increasing the authority of the older generation, in other words, formed the trend «The right to old age». You probably have noticed an increase in the production of products designed for older people from clothing and shoes to special care or mobility products, travel retirement programs and free interest courses (this is the influence of Saturn in Capricorn together with Jupiter in Sagittarius). In fashion, this was reflected in the active use of age-related models, in the popularization of age-related aesthetics. Models aged 60 or more take part in advertising shootings. Here it is up to the small — to develop a new attitude towards age. And modern medicine will help to reach a serious figure in the passport.

There is an opinion that the trend is gaining strength: «A calm attitude towards the passage of time». I strongly disagree with this statement. Perhaps he is confused with another trend: «Slow lifestyle». It is also a slow fashion, slow food, enjoyment of every moment that originates from Uranus in the sign of Taurus (I recall that his life span is 7 years). Saturn is the guardian planet of time, and the lessons of Saturn (and not only for astrologers, but in general for all the inhabitants of planet Earth) are a careful attitude to time. It cannot be bought, sold or exchanged. Therefore, the clear use of the concept of time has become an important marketing characteristic for promising products of this period.

Saturn in Capricorn laid the foundation for the course of minimalism throughout the world, although it was not widely used in Russia due to special economic conditions. The transition to minimalism is possible only from a good life. And if the standard of living hardly reaches the cost of living minimum, then what is the point of further limiting oneself?

Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) sets new standards for social behavior. In this sign, Saturn is under the control of Uranus and shows its qualities without any restrictions. It erases the boundaries between social strata and structures. This will allow many people to get rid of stereotypes in choosing a lifestyle, their partner, favorite hobby, forget about age restrictions, etc. However, the first occurrence of Saturn in the sign of Aquarius can undermine the gains of the previous period. The energies of the sign Aquarius give way to the young. It is unlikely that in the new scenario, older people will be able to count on a special, privileged position, which was designated during the period of Saturn in Capricorn. In order not to fall out of the cage, they will have to catch up on active information and energy exchange, not justified by age and sores. In a society youth associations, artels and cooperatives again become popular. There is a new trend lasting 2.5 years: «Youth, freedom, individuality». Marketers, designers and constructors will adopt such simple human weaknesses as «I am still awesome», «I can give odds to young people», etc. Participation, inclusion in the common cause become the driving motives for representatives of all generations, from small to large. And such an idea has already appeared — this is a universal struggle for the environment, for the preservation of our planet. The problem of environmental pollution by human waste products is growing in geometric progression. Recently, plastic waste pollution has been the most discussed. Do you still get plastic bags at the store, not cloth bags? It is unforgivable in relation to wildlife. «The Ecological Movement» trend is a good sign of the present.

Another facet of Saturn in Aquarius is the pursuit of innovation and invention. I called this trend «Retrofuturism». The nature of Saturn contributes to the preservation and revival of the best examples of technical achievements, but already at a new spiral. This is actually a reference to the laws of fashion development, which I have been studying for several decades. The return to the fashion of retroforms of familiar household appliances will be good support for the older generation. They will be addressed to advertising companies and colorful booklets. One misfortune — this technique will no longer serve as long as the old one. But that is the whole trick.

At the end of 2020, in the sign of Aquarius there will be an epochal conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which will lay future trends for as much as 200 years. But I will leave this investigation to other experts.

Jupiter in its annual movement on the zodiac forms short-term trends. Under its influence, an ideal image of the consumption model in that sphere (in the zodiac sign) that Jupiter honored with his presence is being formed. In 2019, Jupiter was in his monastery — in Sagittarius — and contributed to the real flowering of tourism, travel, education, publishing, lawmaking.

Jupiter in Capricorn is in the fall and manifests itself in a completely different way. The endless horizons of Jupiter abut the rigid boundaries of Saturn. The Jupiterian tendency toward expansion and expansion is turning into a focused forward movement. Opportunities for social growth are greatly reduced, but every small step brings us closer to our goal. The ambitiousness of young employees will decrease markedly, many will be ready to take up a prestigious position, given the long-term prospects for improvement. Therefore, in 2020, a social trend will be formed for gradual development, for slow advancement in the career ladder: «Slow down, you will go further».

Outward brilliance and ostentatious luxury are the signs of Jupiter in Sagittarius, are now replaced restraint and modesty. To demonstrate their wealth in such a period becomes almost indecent. The same applies to the choice of clothing, which should not shout about the financial viability of its owner. Moderation and closeness, a complete rejection of seductive clothes became the characteristics of a new trend in fashion — decent mode (Modest Fashion). Fashion analysts attribute the emergence of this trend to the total spread of Islam. However, astrologers know that this is not a matter of religion, but of planetary influences.

Jupiter in Capricorn, together with Saturn in Aquarius, will form a nostalgic attitude towards classical things and styles in people. This will be immediately adopted by marketers who will vying to offer «quality for those who understand»., «love seriously and for long», «the revival of old traditions». Again it becomes fashionable to respect things and pass them on to the next generation. I called this trend «The course on traditions and the continuity of generations».

As you can see, my love of Fashion Astrology prevails over the forecast of social and economic phenomena. The analysis of social trends is important in the sense that the subject of his research is the man himself and his values ​​in a changing world. And this allows me to make accurate forecasts of fashion trends. Answering the question where he seeks, what he believes in, what he supports, and what the modern consumer denies, one can get correlations with the choice in clothes, interior, etc. Of course, there is a difference between the so-called reflex behavior — when the buyer chooses a clear, familiar product, and emotional consumption - what the consumer is usually willing to pay more for. Fashion astrology allows you to consider both. Summarizing all of the above, Saturn forms a long-term reflex in our topic, and Jupiter creates new emotional patterns and new patterns for inspiration. And we should analyze our behavior ourselves, so as not to go on about the puppeteers.

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