Fashion Astrology: Uranus in Aries opens a new epoch in the fashion
Fashion Astrology: Uranus in Aries opens a new epoch in the fashion

Cardinal changes in fashion are difficult for adhering to concrete date, especially, if it is a question of  fashionable tendencies in different countries and continents. But the ephemeris shows us the reasons of a rough holiday in the fashion world. Now they came true! In the middle of March, 2011, Uranus, the main space designer, has changed a place of the residence permit and has entered into Aries sign. What does it mean in our fashion forecasting theme?

With occurrence of Uranus in Aries the new characteristics of the fashion appeared. Aries is a fiery sign, a sign on cardinal quality. Therefore during the next 7-year period (2011-2018) will be less difficult decisions, less a desire to unite in one piece of clothes all concepts and representations about beauty in the fashion. Clothing, cut lines will be more simplified, even primitive, there will be an ease for movement, freedom for a combination.

The main value, the beautiful gift from Uranus in Aries is an independence, individuality, and also certain boldness and courage. Be not like, as all! Each woman is beautiful in their own way and each man also. And those who will dare to propagandize new fashion trends, will receive the big awards. You can become inspirers for separate designers, authors of new individual style, trend setters. Renew new wardrobe, otherwise you risk to look hopelessly old-fashioned. And ask for an advice to image makers and experts in Fashion Astrology.

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