Spring-Summer 2012 trendy color scheme
Spring-Summer 2012 trendy color scheme

Known trend bureaus and trend forecasting agencies hire an army of experts to examine the needs of society in a new color. Fashion industry professionals are looking forward to the seasonal recommendations of the Pantone Institute, as well as the Committee of color and trends. As acknowledged by Margaret Walsh, director of the American Color Association, selection of specialists trend bureau always confined so-called «color cycles», which change every few years. The duration of one cycle, in her opinion, is from two to seven years in fashion, and from seven to fifteen years in interior design.

Apparently, the experts of trend-agencies continue search the so-called «core variable», which could be based in the calculation of cyclical fashion processes. But so far it is unsuccessfully. This is understandable, since the disposal of traditional modes of analysts do not have such powerful tools as the experts of Fashion Astrology. Let us take a view that the duration of the fashion cycle in clothing and interior design may vary. In terms of Fashion Astrology, there are universal laws in society that relate to the consumption patterns in general. The duration of the cycle of fashion in clothing and interior design are absolutely identical. This is verified by many years of research and there is no doubt. One of the main cycles — the connection of Uranus and Jupiter, was discovered in 1996. It marks the moments of cardinal changes of a direction of a fashion. They occur at the moment of coincidence of Uranus and Jupiter cycles —1 time per 14 years. A number of other factors, which together form a unique image of fashion, is superimposed on this cycle. More in detail you can learn from Veronica Tkachenko’s article When do cardinal changes in a fashion occur?  at Fashion-Astrology.com.

Fashion Astrology professionals has long been known to answer painful question: who determines the fashionable color scheme? Our forecasting tool of fashionable colors is unemotional and infallible: there are the exact schedules of the planets and the original author’s methodology. And we know how to work with this tool. More information can be found in Veronica Tkachenko’s book «The Fashion and Beauty Astrology» (RIPOL-CLASSIK, 2006). The mechanism of formation of fashionable colors considered in detail in Veronica Tkachenko’s report New classification of the Zodiac in the astrological theory of fashion trend forecasting at XXVI Iberian Astrological Congress.  

According to most critics and fashion designers, the key words of Spring-Summer 2012 are freshness, lightness, airiness. In terms of Fashion Astrology, these characteristics are most directly related to the position of Jupiter in the air sign of Gemini. Also slow planet aspects are used. In Fashion Astrology an original color matrix is developed, according to which we can provide an accurate fashionable color scale forecast in almost any period. Modern computer technology and design programs allow us to reproduce colors with great accuracy by preventing distortion in the interpretation of the universal language of the stars.

We offer you the examples of fashionable color scale for the first half of 2012.


Uranus in Aries

Mars in Leo


Neptune in Pisces

Saturn in Scorpio


Pluto in Capricorn

Mars in Virgo


Jupiter in Gemini

Neptune in Aquarius

Saturn in Libra

This information has great commercial value. It allows us to reduce financial losses, to increase profitability of the business world clothing manufacturers, to connect all parts of production process to a coherent whole. Infallible fashionable color prediction is essential for all fashion industry participants. First, for textile manufacturers: they can produce such fabrics, which will be in demand. Second, for the direct creators of fashion, designers and creative directors of Fashion Houses: in their possession there are the materials that match their creative ideas. Third, for manufacturing and garment associations: thanks to this information they can offer new models at a time when it is necessary for the consumers. For fashion admirers and for individual style creation is also very important to know fashionable colors in advance: to build your wardrobe properly, pick up basic things correctly and to add interesting color accents.

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Spring-Summer 2012 trendy color schemeSpring-Summer 2012 trendy color schemeSpring-Summer 2012 trendy color schemeSpring-Summer 2012 trendy color schemeSpring-Summer 2012 trendy color schemeSpring-Summer 2012 trendy color schemeSpring-Summer 2012 trendy color schemeSpring-Summer 2012 trendy color scheme

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