Fall-Winter 2012/2013 color combinations
Fall-Winter 2012/2013 color combinations

In a previous article we looked for Fall-Winter 2012/2013 samples of pure colors, corresponding to planetary vibrations. Configuration of the planets is another source for the definition of fashionable color combinations. Depending on the aspects between the planets there are different color combinations: harmonious (related, or one-color harmony, and contrast harmony), or inharmonious. Thus a new color matrix, which is used to create new fashion collections, is born.

Trend-agency experts draw up their fashion forecasts in the form of trend-book. Usually they present a palette of closed colors, i.e., related type of harmony. Quite a contrast type of harmony is rarely used. Inharmonious color combinations almost never used. Have you ever met the forecast, in which the fashionable color combinations just hurt the eyes? Of course, not. The fact, that the recommendations of fashion forecasting agencies designed for the mass market, which is a priori inclined to choose what is pleasant for visual experience, and coincides with the traditional notions of beauty. However, in practice it is different. For example, in 2011, consumers are increasingly preferred tense color combinations: red-green, fuchsia-brown, gray-orange, etc. Almost every one of us could see it. What is the reason for this choice? Throughout 2011 inharmonious aspects of slow planets that influence the mass fashion evolved. This resulted in the increase of the human need for complex color combinations, heavy for visual perception. In the words of Hermes Trismegistus, «as above, so below». In our earthly life everything reflected that happens in the sky. And our task is to interpret these phenomena in Fashion Astrology terms.

Trend Agencies usually present one color palette for the entire upcoming season. And we, in Fashion Astrology, have proven methodologies that allow us to predict several options for fashionable color scheme, for each month separately. For the upcoming Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 season 4 major planetary configurations formed, generated by major aspects. Let us consider them in chronological order.

1. Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra (September 2012).

This configuration of the planets determined the choice of primary colors during the 2011. It also retains its influence in September, 2012. By themselves, the colors of these planets are very strong. Stressful aspects of the planets (quadrature and opposition) create a contrasting type of harmony and make the color scale more saturated. Here we can not use only related combinations. You can get additional support in the form of colored accessories from Mars in Sagittarius (trine to Uranus, sextile to Saturn), and Venus in Leo (trine to Uranus, sextile to Saturn).

2. Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Libra (September 2012).

This configuration is less intense than the previous. It saved a pair of contrasting color combinations (Uranus in opposition to Saturn), which is supplemented by related harmonious color combinations. This is a symbolic trine between Jupiter and Saturn, and sextile between Jupiter and Uranus. We propose to supplement this combination with fresh green hue of Venus in Leo.

3. Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces (October 2012-February 2013).

This is the most beautiful and expressive color combination in 2012. It is shaped by a harmonious aspects of the planets (Saturn in trine to Neptune and sextile to Pluto). Mars in Capricorn in December, 2012 gives a metallic sound, and Venus in Scorpio adds depth and poetry this color scale.

4. Jupiter in Gemini, Mars in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces (November 2012).

Late autumn in our latitudes will be designated by the advent of intense colors. It is formed under the influence of Jupiter in opposition to Mars and square to Neptune. Venus in Libra adds juiciness by colors of Jupiter in Gemini. The patron of this sign is Mercury, «a little undressed» God of trade, who is always in motion, in new contacts. It contributes to frequent changes in the usual clothes and color combinations. Using them in your image, you always will be aware of fashion tendencies.

Presented color combinations can be used to highlight certain psychological traits of your personality. More in detail about it you can learn in Veronica Tkachenko’s special course: «Fashion Astrology. How to create an individual style».

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Fall-Winter 2012/2013 color combinationsFall-Winter 2012/2013 color combinationsFall-Winter 2012/2013 color combinationsFall-Winter 2012/2013 color combinations

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