How to meet the Year of Horse?
How to meet the Year of Horse?

The Internet has already published a lot of advice on how to meet the Year of blue wooden Horse. But most of them misleading their readers. Sometimes it comes to anecdotal suggestions to adorn themselves with bridles and bells to appease Horse, mistress of the coming year. It seems, you should put on a saddle to please the almighty Horse. And it is possible those whishing to appear. So I as a professional astrologer, an expert in fashion forecasting, has decided to clarify this question.

New Year by the European (Gregorian) calendar and New Year by the Eastern calendar are a fundamentally different concepts. Our traditional New year always begins on January 1. A New Year by the Eastern calendar begins at the New Moon under the sign of Aquarius. It does not have a fixed date and can range from 21 January until 20 February. This holiday will not miss us! In many countries (China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, etc.) New Year by the Eastern calendar is accompanied by lavish rituals. We can also borrow something from Eastern traditions and adapt them to our reality. For example, there is an ancient Buddhist tradition to celebrate the New Year with 108 beats of bell. But it’s always interesting to find something more personal, warmed by human heart. So we turned to the representative of the Korean community to get the most accurate first-hand information.

Our guest told that the New Year in the East is traditionally a family holiday. It consists of separate ceremonies, each of which is associated with the worship of ancestors and their family members. The celebration lasts from 15 to 20 days. All dress up in new clothes. For interior decoration flashlights, coins on a ribbon, souvenir masks are used. Traditionally fortune cookies baked. On the first day, from early morning, representatives of the younger generation visit seniors to pay tribute and bow deeply 3 times. Seniors give young people a coin. The holiday begins with the remembrance of ancestors. First sacrificial table served, incense burning and ritual bows commit. Then Koreans sit at the banquet table. Traditional soup with rice is necessarily present. It is prepared in every home, regardless of income. When set the table, layout of the compass take into account. Fish dishes put on the east side, meat on the west side, fruit and rice dishes in the center of the table.

Perhaps, you expect advice from fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko: what outfit matched to the ruler by the Eastern calendar etc. But not all lie on the surface. The meaning of this holiday is more deep and hidden. You are able to verify this. Our guest also advises turn of a new year on the Eastern calendar in another fashionable fun. According to her, there are a number of carnivals and secular parties, when we can get up to mischief.

So, save the date: Year of Horse begins on January 31, 2014 at 01 h 40 min (Moscow time). Up to this point we will offer you a lot of interesting fashion and style advices. Follow our publications at Fashion-Astrology.com

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