Moscow Wedding Stars Forum under a lucky star
Moscow Wedding Stars Forum under a lucky star

On April 12, 2014 one of the most beautiful and significant events of the wedding industry: Forum Moscow Wedding Stars will be held. The project is of great interest to designers and decorators who not only follow the fashion trends, but also create their own. Entry of Uranus into Aries in spring 2011 opened a new era in all areas of marketing consumption. Certainly, Aries epoch  is also reflected in the style of weddings. April 12 is marked with an interesting astrological aspect: Full Moon, Venus conjuncts with Neptune, tau-squared: Sun in opposition to the retrograde Mars, in square to Pluto and Jupiter is formed. Astrologers believed, for the success of the event must be present not only harmonious, relaxing aspects, but also stimulating, stressful aspects. In this case, these astrological aspects indicate that the most exquisite decorating solutions will be given by breaking down the outdated notions.

This year the project will open by the world stars: Preston Bailey, designer of world renown, and Kathy Romero, organizer of events. Preston Bailey is known for his ability to completely transform the gray, usual interiors into luxurious, theatrical performances with the participation of the guests. The designer himself tells, most of all he loves to draw celebrations in tents, where the tables are draped with cloth. Then he can be not only a florist, but the architect, decorator, and illuminator. Preston Bailey cooperates with many large companies, included in the Advisory Board of Modern Bride Magazine. The event will be a competition for the best design of a wedding celebration. The most talented student will receive a prize: training with Preston Bailey.

Details: on the official site www.moscowweddingstars.ru

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Moscow Wedding Stars Forum under a lucky starMoscow Wedding Stars Forum under a lucky starMoscow Wedding Stars Forum under a lucky starMoscow Wedding Stars Forum under a lucky star

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