A new collection of accessories by Zabegina
A new collection of accessories by Zabegina

Catherine Zabegina is Russian designer, a graduate of the Fashion Laboratory by Slava Zaitsev, winner of the international design competition in Russia and abroad. She has come a long way to your dream, having been trained at the Moscow Veterinary Academy and then became an expert in horse breeding. So, the topic of horses for her are familiar firsthand. Zabegina brand  received special recognition for handmade shawls with the author’s design. Print with horses became her trademark. Today Zabegina brand scarves worn by many famous people, fashion fans and lovers of horses.

We do not know the date of birth of the designer and the characteristics of her individual horoscope. But in general we can say that the interest in the topic of horse due to the planets in the Sagittarius zodiac sign and strong Jupiter.

In her new collection Cinema Catherine Zabegina presented luxury handmade accessories: silk scarves, in the technique «batik» with manual processing of the edges. Each of headscarves has a circulation of 200 copies and has a unique number. The collection is made in black and white tones: black-white and aqua-white. This collection was presented at the accessory section of The Box at Fashion Week in Paris. It’s an honor, because to participate in the exhibition works of all 100 top designers from around the world have been selected.

If we talk about the timeliness of the collection in terms of Fashion Astrology, everything is conjectured in time. Perhaps someone will refer to the relevance of the collection due to the fact that 2014 is the Year of Horse by Eastern horoscope. Our long-term studies show that the ruler of the year by the Eastern calendar has nothing to do with the European fashion. This is only the most superficial association enjoyed by amateurs. However, we have other astrological guidance. Saturn, the chief designer of the space, which also defines the types of patterns and prints on fabric, in December 2014 will go into Sagittarius sign. He will stay in this Zodiac sign during 2.5 years. Sagittarius Symbol is Horse, centaur, on horseback. We have repeatedly told how the astrological symbolism works in the theme of fashion. Prints with horses actively used in swimsuit and underwear, at the ties and handbags. Therefore, we predict the success of the brand Zabegina, at least, for the next 2.5 years.

In fairness I would like to wish the designer more courage in working with color. And here’s the color crib for the period 2015-2017. Color of Saturn in Sagittarius: discreet dark blue, the color of Sagittarius sign separate decades: royal blue, dark burgundy, piercing fuchsia and light turquoise. 

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A new collection of accessories by Zabegina A new collection of accessories by Zabegina A new collection of accessories by Zabegina A new collection of accessories by Zabegina

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