Moscow Mode Lingerie & Swim at the CPM
Moscow Mode Lingerie & Swim at the CPM

Igedo Company and Eurovet became partners. The segment of underwear at CPM got a new name: Moscow Mode Lingerie & Swim. The aim of the new cooperation is to create conceptual, dynamic and professional exhibition platform for the development of the Russian market. This was stated by Marie-Laure Bellon, president of Eurovet. Due to personnel changes became visible and the struggle for spheres of influence even in areas such as glossy and business publications on the topic of fashion clothes. It is no secret that the thematic publications with large circulation are opinion-leaders and brings together a large group of its distributors. They actually affect the distribution market. Editor in chief of the magazine «Lingerie and tights» Mikhail Uvarov believes that sales will fall by 40-60%. Perhaps he knows the situation on the market better than our foreign experts who believe that sales will decrease by only 12-13%. In the course of reporting on the Russian Fashion Retail Forum turned heated debate. They spice up the forum and demonstrated indifferent attitude to this issue.

But if you ignore the difficult economic conditions, it still remains a hope that our women will buy beautiful clothes. Pavilion Moscow Mode Lingerie & Swim is a true paradise clothesline. Unlike other pavilions, there is an atmosphere of tranquility, pampering and relaxation. The owners of boutiques and shops lingerie slowly become familiar with the collections and make orders. This season, many European brands offer their products at manufacturer’s prices. New products in the Russian market: Playboy and Rosy is devoted to uninhibited women with a good sense of humor. For example, the owner of Wolf Lingerie came to personally present their products and to make a presentation of these brands. Dita von Teese lingerie from the Queen of Burlesque has successfully sold in the Russian market. This luxury lingerie for sophisticated seduction. Dita Von Teese began working in the underwear industry for over 5 years ago, working with well-known brands (Wonderbra). Later, however, she decided to create his own brand. The result is a dizzying Von Follies by DVT (translated as «Madness»), which literally blew the market. Reinhard Depfer in his report on the economic situation in the market underwear stressed that erotic lingerie luxury always sells well. Today, this segment also retains its share of total purchases. They say, that the Marquise de Pompadour has a superb collection of luxury lingerie, new kit for every day of the year. Perhaps we have something to strive for!

Here are our astrological comments on this issue. Saturn in late 2014 moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius. In this regard, some inhibitions and prejudices about the seductiveness of lingerie also relegated to the past. Luxurious linens becomes as a necessary attribute of prestige as quality, status bag and shoes. Of course, we are talking about consumers of luxury goods. Beautiful and confident women will always buy fashionable underwear! The market will survive!

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Moscow Mode Lingerie & Swim at the CPMMoscow Mode Lingerie & Swim at the CPMMoscow Mode Lingerie & Swim at the CPMMoscow Mode Lingerie & Swim at the CPM

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