Fashion Astrology: Spring-Summer 2014 color trends at the Premi?re Vision Moscow
Fashion Astrology: Spring-Summer 2014 color trends at the Premi?re Vision Moscow

«Everything starts with the fabric», — in one voice representatives of fashion industry say. Especially, for the creators of fashion it is important to know in advance the exact forecast of colors and have modern materials at their disposal. The Première Vision Moscow meets these important needs of the fashion market. In fact, it is a concentrated display of fashion trends and the key themes of textile design, which becomes a source of inspiration for future collections.

The seminar by Sabine Le Chatelier, the deputy fashion director of Premi?re Vision, presented the latest fashion color trends of Spring-Summer 2014. Initially, participants watched an inspiring film. In just 1.5 minutes the spectators had to view dynamic composition created from fragments of natural landscapes, fantastic textures and unusual architecture. This video series causes certain associations, which are complemented by keywords:

  • material intensity;
  • voluptuous mutations and
  • energetic constructions.

Some errors of interpretation or a simple «blueprint» from French attached Sabin’s report with a charm, as the words passed from the original sense better than adequate translation. So, we present three major color trends of Spring-Summer 2014 by Sabine Le Chatelier.

Material intensity, or a new look at craft traditions. The symbol of this trend is the Museum of Primitive Art in Paris. Its exhibits of artistic traditions from ancient times to the present day, perfectly conveys the main idea: ethnic fusion techniques and modern aesthetics. This style rustic fabrics, woven as if by hand, but in a new interpretation, represent. Subject personality permeates all textile products. They represent a new look on craft traditions, passed through the lens of design ideas. This is a lightweight version of the environmental era boom, familiar to us over the period 1996-1997 (Uranus in the sign of Aquarius). I call this period the «Aquarius epoch in fashion». The entry of Uranus in Aries was the beginning of a new era — an era of individuality.

Fashion textures: rough surface, the raw edge, loose sand, old frescos, rock drawings. Color scale: minimalism with warm shades, camel, beige, lots of intense yellow shades. In the two-color combinations «Dark plus pastel» not usual color blocks, but more soft contrasts are used, that perfectly stress constructive lines and key silhouette.

Voluptuous mutations, or a hybrid of natural and artificial origin. In this direction, the most bizarre forms of flora and animal collected: viscous swamp, deep sea, jellyfish, clams, pearl shell, etc . The main idea is also made up of the synthesis of reality and the fantastic subjects. In terms of Fashion Astrology, Premi?re Vision experts are bit late with the identification of this trend. It will manifest itself since joining Jupiter in the sign of Cancer in June 2013 and will have an effect very soon.

Fabrics for this line of clothing are used in casual style. One option — Sea Punks, hero of the popular video game. Cupra, liosell, neoprene, vinyl are suitable for creating unusual silhouette, enveloping shape or existing independent of it, as in the works of Ray Kawakubo. Another option: fabrics with cold brilliance, stretch, pleated, flowing jersey are recommended for clothing in futuristic glamour style. Fashion textures: multidimensional, unusual to the touch, as if wet, with jelly or rubberized surface. Colors are complex, transitions from purple to blue and green, or bright neon colors.

Energetic constructions, or architectural delights. In this case, the trendy silhouette constructed around light-weight design, and all is penetrated by color and light. The main characteristic of this line of fabrics is lightness, delicacy and transparency. From the Fashion Astrology point of view, the origin of this trend dues to the influence of Jupiter in the sign of Gemini. This forecast by Premi?re Vision is outdated.

Color can’t be called rich, rather, it is washed (but not diffuse), which gives the impression of freshness. Think of it as the grisaille effect: color brooding, overcast sky, which is about to give birth storm. Color block is soft, used in two-color compositions: trousers plus shirt as emphasis on the difference between the volumes. This direction includes fabrics with geometric patterns, paint stains on the fabric, color vibrations. Stripes have leading positions: thin, pajama or bright colored border on a neutral background. These fabrics are used to make clothing in the style casual: men’s shirts, dresses, pleated skirts. Another trend is hi-tech fabrics that are used for waterproof jackets and windbreakers. The color scheme of the fabric is pastel and acid tones.

Premi?re Vision fashion team offers you a project Striped summer. Upload your photo here and try a new image in stripes.

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Fashion Astrology: Spring-Summer 2014 color trends at the Premi?re Vision MoscowFashion Astrology: Spring-Summer 2014 color trends at the Premi?re Vision MoscowFashion Astrology: Spring-Summer 2014 color trends at the Premi?re Vision MoscowFashion Astrology: Spring-Summer 2014 color trends at the Premi?re Vision Moscow

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