Astrological conditions for happy wedding
Astrological conditions for happy wedding

The inspiration for writing this article was the meeting with the world known designer Preston Bailey. He creates a floral decoration for weddings many celebrities and Hollywood stars. Costs for wedding decoration from renowned master reach a million dollars. In the course precious materials used, thousands of the most gorgeous flowers: roses, lilies, orchids, etc. But, as we understand, magnificent wedding and a happy life together — these are two different things. We shall not analyze what percentage of these weddings initiated a long and harmonious family life. But, of course, a beautiful wedding ceremony remains in the memory, bringing bonuses for decorators and florists.

What to do to the new union should be not only beautiful, but also happy? As the saying goes marriages are made in heaven. Still want to quote the words of my beloved grandmother: «The devil wears not one pair of boots, until a couple will match». What preceded the decision to create a family? Moment of dating, the first spark between lovers, fine chemistry, powerful physics and much, much more... How to merge heaven and earth, eternal and ephemeral? How to connect the reality with feelings and to create a strong alliance? In astrology, there is a separate area, which deals with issues of marriage and compatibility — it’s Synastric Astrology. I stand up for love and give advice on marriage for love, but not for convenience. When there is love between people, not only their physical bodies, but also the subtle bodies are united. And then all the young married can fly, despite some controversy.

For decades I have advised many couples who decide to marry. Not always it was for them first marriage. I often advised people in the elderly age with children from their first marriage, so the expectations of the future union were very serious. One time there was a specific fashion to the wedding in the church, even without a formal wedding, then it gradually faded. During astrological consultation, we analyze the compatibility of partners, study the requirements for the future newlyweds Union, finding different dates and astrological influences, specify the time of registration for the day, analyze the position of the Ascendant and the planets aspects to the Ascendant. Next, we analyze the horoscope of marriage for the selected date. Clients receive detailed information on the future model of family life, embodied in the date of registration, and try it to their lifestyle. Queries are very different. In our monetary time, there are those couples who focus on joint internal development. Many couples prefer the traditional family values ??and financial well-being. Many customers from abroad asked my advice. So, I had to dive into the details of family life, adopted in other cultures and other religions. When all the other issues are resolved, we discuss my favorite topic: the image of the bride, style and color of the wedding dress, bridal bouquet design. Lately I received new astrological experience during the consultations in the showroom of wedding fashion Giardino Eliso with the most advanced brides and the most stylish wedding dresses. Here my experience in Fashion Astrology used.

As is known, the date of registration of marriage contains the full potential of family life and lays the program of future events. I do not advise to trust so-called auspicious dates for marriage, published on various websites. They are often considered the only harmonious aspect between Sun and Moon. This is obvious, but not enough for the success of their life together. It does not take into account many other factors, each of which may be decisive. For example, during the day there are so-called «empty periods» (Moon void of course) when any undertaking to nothing lead, ie registration of marriage has no meaning. Remember: there is no universal date for happy marriage! Each person is unique, and each pair is also unique. Therefore, I advise to contact a professional astrologer, having a full education, supported by its own development, special courses and publications in specialized journals. I only work on the individual order and never give lucky date for all at once.

So I decided to share my experience with you. This information is intended for those who are in search of his astrologer or wants to better understand this topic. Of course, a huge contribution to the development of this theme ??Sergei Vronsky, patriarch of the Russian astrology, made. His book «Astrology: Marriage and Compatibility» (Chisinau, Logos, 1993) became required reading for generations of astrologers. It is written in a fun, lively manner and, at the same time, contains a very precise and specific formulations. In the chapter «The influence of planets on marriage» 26 conditions for a happy marriage presented. Interestingly, who of modern astrologers have tried to find a date in the range of one year, satisfying these conditions? There are serious doubts that this is possible at all. Indeed, there is very appropriate clause of the distinguished author, that for a happy family life a variety of factors is necessary. Astrologer requires different options that do not reduce it work to nothing, but give him a freedom to maneuver. Therefore, I propose to add some changes to this list.

1. If at least one of the future spouses has negative horoscope (it has mostly hard aspects), then in the horoscope of marriage tense aspects will be present. This will contribute to the activity of both spouses.

2. If both partners have positive horoscope, the date of marriage must contain at least one hard aspect. Otherwise both future spouses simply will be lazy, not putting efforts to establish a joint life.

3. Avoid Moon void of course periods. Registration of marriage in the empty period leads to nowhere.

4. Avoid Mercury retrograde periods. A marriage made in this period will be constantly reviewed and eventually disintegrate.

5. Avoid Venus retrograde periods. During this period, both spouses get too many claims against each other, which make a life together intolerable. In another case, the moral and ethical values ??of the family are so different from the usual that cause confusion in others. Each of the spouses has its own life, including sexual relations.

6. If personal planets in one partner’s horoscope are in retrograde movement phase (Mercury, Venus, Mars), the application for registration of marriage is likely to be served at the time of the retrograde motion of the planet. However, for the registration of marriage the direct motion should be selected.

7. Use periods of waxing Moon. Consider the symbolism of Moon in Zodiac signs.

8. Use periods when transit Moon forms a favorable aspect with Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

9. Use the favorable aspects of transit Venus to Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

10. Use periods when transit Venus forms a favorable aspect to natal Jupiter.

11. Basic transit planets should form harmonious aspects with significators of marriage in both horoscopes of the partners.

12. Use periods when transiting Jupiter is in I, VI, VII and XI Homes of an individual horoscope.

Thus, the date of marriage registration is selected. What’s next? In my astrological practice there were cases when after carefully prepared consultation clients have not been able to use this information. As the saying goes, everyone gets the date of registration of marriage, which deserves. For example, on a particular day a couple comes to apply marriage registration and, therefore, assign the registration on a particular day, but they say: come in a month, we have a repair. Another example. On the eve of the scheduled date a child of one of the future spouses breaks hand, so they are forced to postpone the registration and deal with child health. There was a case where the future bride received a very good offer of an internship abroad, so registration of marriage was also postponed. But there are couples that did not asked advice, but the date of registration and, therefore, their family life is such that you can only joy: happiness on the earth exists! Their house is a full cup, and children grow up smart and healthy, and the family develops, did not dwell on tangible achievements. So, in addition to consulting an astrologer it’s necessary to make own efforts to work on the roughness and sharp angles of the own horoscope. As the saying goes, all at once does not happen. Inner work is not always obvious, it can not be demonstrated to the familiar, as a new dress or a new car, but therefore it is even more important.

In the next publication fashion-astrologerVeronica Tkachenko will tell you about creating an image of the bride in accordance with the canons of Fashion Astrology. Follow our publications online Fashion-Astrology.com


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