Veronica Tkachenko's interview for Channel Life News
Veronica Tkachenko's interview for Channel Life News

Veronica, please tell us what is Fashion Astrology?

This is a part of the overall discipline, astrology. Astrology is the science of the total impact of cosmic bodies on all the processes occurring in the world. Currently Fashion Astrology emerged as an independent direction.

Probably, many people would be interested to know what laws evolving fashion?

Yes, this question always troubled me. Fashion as a significant social phenomenon develops in the cosmic laws. Therefore, we can successfully predict it using the language of the stars.

What Fashion Astrology can?

With the help of Fashion Astrology we can do unmistakable fashion forecasts. Today I prepare fashion trend forecast not only for the coming season, but 2-3 years ahead. I develop predictions for longer period: up to 14 years.

What is the accuracy of your predictions?

If we talk about the usual consultations on an individual horoscope, forecast accuracy is about 85-90%. This is a pretty good indicator. My fashion forecasts are also characterized by high accuracy. I say this because over the years I compared the results of my predictions with the predictions of the leading fashion trend agencies. And I was convinced that my predictions are more accurate, more timely and informative.


Because at our disposal there are a completely objective forecasting tools: the exact schedules of planetary motion. Traditional methods to identify trends based on an intuitive approach. Often it leads to subjective decisions and does not exclude the influence of reputable designers.

According to your theory, it turns out that almost every creature is influenced by heavenly bodies. Is this true?

Yes, absolutely.

Then tell us whether there are any common patterns how representatives of different Zodiac signs choose their clothes?

In general, such preferences have each Zodiac sign. Often it is quite funny to see how a person finds himself in those traits, which he only secretly suspected. These observations were among the first in my work. They were made approximately in 1996-1997. Later, they formed the basis for the development of individual style using the horoscope. I named this topic «Fashion horoscope». Then this word combination was picked up by the glossy magazines, Internet portals, stylists and image-makers. Today, word combination «fashion horoscope» already firmly entrenched in our everyday language.

Perhaps you have a favorite kind of prediction, that you best manage.

I really love working with color. Practice shows that my predictions are more accurate color and unmistakable. I myself see the world in bright colors. Probably because Moon in my horoscope is in Aries. It is a sign of the fire element, the initial pulse, which is able to amaze and inspire.

Why is it important to know ahead of fashionable color?

Because color is the most vivid indicator of novelty in fashion. Each season, shoppers gladly flock to stores to update their wardrobe. And the first thing they pay attention is the color of clothes on hangers. The new color of the season gets into all areas of our lives. This is color of curtains in the living room, dishes and mobile phones. And manufacturers use this feature to increase their sales. But the desire to add a new color to our life is not only a consequence of competent marketing policy. I’d like to talk a little bit about the impact of color in terms of Fashion Astrology.

Each planet has its own vibration. At the moment they are confirmed by the spectral radiance of the planets, as well as research space stations. Certain configurations of planets create electromagnetic radiation, that activates physical and chemical processes in human skin. And they, in turn, entail changes to the level of the whole organism. Ability to react to new color is a feedback to adapt to new conditions of space. Perhaps this is an echo of the ancient system of human adaptation necessary for the survival of the human race. Therefore, a new color, a new trendy thing is not a passing whim, but deep human body’s need. It should be respected, it is worth listening to.

Now sells go. What to look for, to be fashionable in autumn 2014?

On sale is necessary to pay attention to things classic cut that will long remain in vogue. But it is unlikely you will find things on sale that already reflect the trends of the new season.

What are these trends?

Jupiter, the main significator of fashion changes, in July 2014 proceeds from Canser sign to Leo. So, for a whole year (July 2014-August 2015), a new image and a new attitude to fashion, new colors will appear. For us it’s time to abandon clothes in surround, oval silhouette and move to a new, bolder look. It uses the free line, A-silhouette, sun-flared cut. In constructive lines décollet? and back emphasized. Also the approach to brand promotion methods changing. Dear to our heart family look pales into insignificance. Now the emphasis is not on nepotism inherent for Canser sign, but on individual success, bright personality, which are linked to the symbolism of Leo sign.

There is a company that sets the color for the entire globe. Usually at the end of the year it announces color for the next year. Can you tell us now, what color will be fashionable in 2015?

Yes, such a forecast is ready. I’ll tell you about the trendy color of the second half of 2015.

From the point of view of Fashion Astrology, it is connected with the influence of Jupiter in Virgo. This is sign of earth element, a sign of order, discipline and hard work. Ruler of this sign is fickle Mercury, dual planet. Therefore, for Virgo color mixing, a combination of different patterns, intricate designs, many small details are characteristic.

For the second half of 2015, I chose two colors at once. First is the color of Jupiter in Virgo, calm shade of blue. I called it «school blue». Second, exquisite shade that Mercury in Virgo matches. This is «smart gray».

We suggest you to comment on images of several famous personalities.

Ivan Urgant

This is a bright representative of Aries. Dynamics and tensions are noticeable in his every movement. And the phrase: «Work!» certainly inspires everyone who is close to him. More often in his behavior Mars in Leo guessed. Aries, both men and women have a weakness for red color. But we rarely see Ivan in red clothes. Noblesse oblige. But if a man Aries due to his occupation wears a formal suit, he finds a way to stand out, for example, using a tie in bright color, quite unthinkable print or some unexpected accessory. Sense of humor is the influence of Moon in Cancer. It gives Ivan a subtle sense of nuances, the warmth, softness, care. But Moon across the border sign is connected with Mars and gives contradictions that should be reflected in the appearance. I would recommend Ivan sometimes use a little old-fashioned items such as volume tweed jacket, hand made things, which would help soften the hard way of secular dandy.

Renata Litvinova

She gives the impression of cold and unapproachable, real snow queen. And it would be the right choice, if not influence of Venus and Moon in Aquarius. It is characterized by certain elation over earthly problems and detachment from reality. Sky, girl, plane. This is theme of Aquarius sign. Aquarius is the sign of unpredictability, originality, unexpected discoveries. Renate worth to demonstrate another side of appeal, to wear more dresses in light, pastel, iridescent shades. If we talk about the attractiveness to the opposite sex, then it would fit the image in the style of «paradoxical sexuality».

Monica Bellucci

Monica exploits sexual diva image that is so attractive to men. Her amazing, «crying» eyes are a manifestation of Moon and Neptune in Scorpio. To go out she chooses «undine» dress in dark tones, it is a tribute to the national mentality. In Italy the status ladies wear total look in black. At the same time, the two planets; Venus, which meets the aesthetic taste, and Mars, the planet of activity, in Monica’s individual horoscope are in Leo. It has a different energy. It is bright, fire sign. It is characterized by an open display of emotion, generosity and freedom. This should also be reflected in the clothes. Monica can fit dresses with drapery, royal collars and Basques in other colors: sand, ocher, golden, light magenta. 


Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?
Whether it is possible to calculate the fashion?

This book represents absolutely new approach to a fashion question. For the first time the attention to the question is formulated, whether it is possible to calculate the fashion. Investigations of the author allow us to answer this question in the affirmative. In the book the original algorithm of forecasting of the new fashion, based on astrological cycles and movement of planets is resulted.

The Fashion and Beauty Astrology
The Fashion and Beauty Astrology

In the book high lights of the astrological theory of fashion forecasting  developed by the author are stated. Here are original formulas of a birth of a new fashion which allow to predict with the big accuracy any events in a fashionable sky — from cardinal changes in a fashion to nuances of fashionable color scale, from changes of a fashionable image till the moment of a birth of new perfumes and aromas are resulted.

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