Your destiny and Astrology

Your destiny and Astrology

The book is written in an easy, fascinating manner and contains the helpful astrological information which reflects all sides of Zodiac signs:

  • how to understand the character and to transform «defects» into «effects»;
  • how to construct harmonious relations with friends and colleagues, partners in marriage and business;
  • how to develop talents and abilities of your child;
  • how to strengthen health and to choose a suitable diet;
  • how to create individual style and to issue an interior of the house.

The Astrological health and beauty calendar

The Astrological health and beauty calendar

This book is a real small encyclopaedia of various advices which tell us how to take cosmetic care every day, what procedures are most effective at certain astrological aspects, how to raise efficiency of physical exercises and to remain beautiful at any planetary influences.

In the book you can find:

  • features of a diet and a food for each Zodiac sign;
  • physical exercises and massage kinds;
  • recipes of natural and professional cosmetics;
  • advices for individual an image and style creation.
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