Consultations for designers and fashion industry professionals

Astrologer Veronica Tkachenko offers consultations for professionals of  a fashion industry  fashion trend forecasting for any term (from 1 month till 5 and more years). During consultation you also will receive answers to many other questions which concern business or private life.

Options of consultations for fashion industry professionals:

  •  Fashion trend forecasting (the characteristic of a fashionable image, color scale, cut lines, key silhouettes, accessories).
  • Developing the concept of a new collection (women, men clothing, lingerie and accessories).
  • Identification of individual directions in creativity and fashion business.
  • Choosing a favorable time for the important event (registration of company, purchase of materials, the beginning of production, cooperation with partners, the casting of models, announcements of new collections, the opening of the showroom, shop, etc.).
  • Improvement of financial profits of your business.
The price for fashion trend forecasting consultation is      discussed individually.

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Image and style consultations 

Astrologer Veronica Tkachenko offers image and style consultations for those who aspires to be allocated from the general background, the unique image. You will receive concrete recommendations for creation of individual style on the basis of an exclusive author's technique.

During consultation some variants of your image developed for the decision of a concrete problem on a horoscope will be offered to you. A high light of this technique is the creation of the space passport image based on an individual horoscope. If necessary you will receive consultation of the stylist and the make-up artist. You will see how by means of clothes it is possible to achieve the desirable purposes and to change your attention to life.

Options of  image and style consultations:

  • Problem revealing.
  • Search of the addressee of new image.
  • Working out of individual style decisions.
  • Selection of individual color scale.
  • Creation of the image space passport (constructive lines, key shapes, accessories).
The price for image and style consultation  100 euros.

Consultations in general questions

You can learn the exact forecast of forthcoming events, to carry out the analysis of a current situation, and also to receive concrete recommendations which help to form effectively desirable events and to operate the destiny on consultations of the astrologer Veronica Tkachenko.

Individual horoscope consultation

The horoscope is under construction taking into account an exact place and birth time.

Individual horoscope consultation  200 euros.

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Express consultation

Answers to horary questions (specification of time of a birth in this case is not required).

Express consultation  50 euros.

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It is possible to make personal or correspondence consultations (over the phone or Skype). 

Duration of consultation: 1-1,5 hours.

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