Textile Trends 2014-2015: Sun symbols
Textile Trends 2014-2015: Sun symbols

The first textile trend forms under the influence of Jupiter in Leo (July 2014 - August 2015). Ruler of the Zodiac sign is Sun, our daylight. This is the most beloved and revered celestial body throughout the existence of human civilization. It is not surprising that the theme of Sun is so prevalent on any images that carry the idea of ??joy, happiness, fullness of life and worship of the chief deity of heaven. 

In the religions of the world Sun symbol is represented in many different guises. For example, in the pagan, or pre-Christian stage of development of ancient Russia Sun symbol featured prominently. At this time its own pantheon of gods as formed. Svarog is the personification of the sky, supreme lord of the Universe, the father of the gods. Stribog is the god of the winds. Dazhdbog is the god of sunlight, but not the light itself. Hereby the real Sun god was Hors. His name means «sun», «circle». This is a very ancient deity, presented as a golden disc, without human face. Several rituals were connected with the cult of Hors: spring ritual dance (dance by circular motion), custom to cook pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, resembling the solar disk, and to roll lighted wheels, which symbolizes light, were associated. Semargl is winged dog, guardian of the crops, the god of roots, seeds and sprouts, another companion of the gods of sun and fertility.

Thus, in many tissues during the period of Jupiter in Leo there are symbols of Sun, as the remnants of ancient pagan motifs. As we shall see later, Jupiter in Leo revives not only pagan but modern religious motifs (in our case, Christianity).

Symbols of Sun:

- circle, wheel, radial rays (sunlight analogue), the crown (a symbol of royal authority);

- concentric rings, large pea (polka dot already has to do with the sign of Virgo and Mercury, his patron);

- flowers of Leo Zodiac sign: sunflowers, daisies, gerbera, dahlias, asters etc.

Fabric samples are presented with symbols of the sun in our photo gallery. More fabrics for inspiration and creativity you'll find at online stores:







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Textile Trends 2014-2015: Sun symbols Textile Trends 2014-2015: Sun symbols Textile Trends 2014-2015: Sun symbols Textile Trends 2014-2015: Sun symbols

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