Spring-Summer 2015 color combinations: introduction
Spring-Summer 2015 color combinations: introduction

The color combinations are evident display of interaction of the planets. Over several years of research we have been able to show that the human need for a new color depends on the spectral emission of the planets. The main aspect of novelty associated with the occurrence of slow planets in a new Zodiac sign. This cosmic event causes considerable resonance in all aspects of the marketing of consumption on the Earth. Therefore, a new color scheme becomes almost obvious. In such manner our Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 forecast was created, which includes three separate areas: Revolution of InspirationErotic TheaterSymphony of Fire. In it, we mentioned the new kinds of fabrics and key silhouettes.

Prediction of new kinds of textiles is important for all participants of the fashion industry. Textile trend presentation by the Committee of color and trends is usually held during the exhibition Premier Vision. Within a few years, this exhibition has helped us to develop a form feed of our forecasts and served as an excellent source of inspiration. Unfortunately, since the autumn of 2013 Premier Vision in Moscow will no longer be held. Therefore, subsequently we do not have forecast to comparing with our forward-looking fashion predictions.

Spring-Summer 2015 color combination forecast is a rather difficult task. Here there are not noticeable changes in the motion of slow planets. Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces are in a sign of their residence. But over time, they moved into a new decade of Zodiac sign, which changes the basic shade of the color. To balance the basic color combination of social planets we add the colors of Mars, Venus and Mercury in the respective Zodiac signs.

For Spring-Summer 2015, we have identified three basic configurations: Great AmbitionsJoy of Cognition and Guess of Intuition. We’ll describe each of them separately in a forthcoming publication. 

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