Horse vs Goat?
Horse vs Goat?

The media already being exploited theme of the coming of the New Year and Year of Goat (Sheep). And you are also ready to meet the Year of Goat on December 31? But we have other landmarks. We continue to focus on the theme of horses. Why? Because the New Year by the Eastern calendar does not begin on January 1, but on the first new Moon in Aquarius sign. Accordingly, the year of the Blue (Green) Goat will begin on February 19 at 02 h 48 min by Moscow time. That’s when we’ll meet it in accordance with Eastern traditions. In the meantime, Year of Horse continues. It shows his persistent character as in the energy and in astrological terms. In terms of energy, the year refers to the Tree element. This element symbolizes fertility, power, triumph and joy of life. Therefore, in our own actions similar qualities appear. From the point of view of classical European astrology there is also a direct reference to the theme of horses. In late December 2014 Saturn enters Sagittarius sign. The symbol of the zodiac sign is Sagittarius centaur, horse. Saturn is the principal heavenly designer. It determines trendy patterns on fabrics. Sagittarius Zodiac sign is projected on the hips. Therefore, the goods for riding, as well as things, stylized in this direction, are at the peak of popularity. Actual item of clothing: pants with volume in the hips, reminiscent of breeches or all familiar bananas.

This year, we can note the appearance of bright inventions in the horse theme. For example, Russian designer Catherine Zabegina (Zabegina brand) creates a beautiful collection of handmade shawls, which are in great demand among Russian fashionistas and fans of equestrian sports. Catherine is editor in chief of Modern veterinary medicine and the head of Equicentre by Catherine Zabegina, so she knows the subject firsthand.

Saturn will stay in Sagittarius until the end of December 2017. Therefore, «good attention to horses» will retain its relevance, at least for the next two years. 

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