Meet Year of Blue Wooden Goat
Meet Year of Blue Wooden Goat

Have you already met Year of Goat under the chiming clock on December 31? Now you have the opportunity to do it again, but at the right time. Year of Blue Wooden Goats begins on February 19, 2015, at 02 h 48 min by Moscow time. In most countries of Southeast Asia it is called Year of Goat year, but in Korea and Japan it is called Year of Sheep and even a Bar. Why is this happening? The fact that in traditional Chinese a unique concept of «Jan» exists, which combines the names of all small ruminants. It is this common word indicated by the name by the Eastern horoscope. Someone more likes meek lambs, and someone stubborn, but purposeful sheep or cheerful, energetic goats. Choose who you like the best. We prefer the Year of Goat, not least because it is not in common with Aries Zodiac sign.

Year of Blue Wooden Goats refers to the element Tree, as well as the previous year, Blue Wooden Horse. So we do not expect a significant change in the energy of the year and the nature of the events. How to celebrate Year of Goat? In many countries (China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, and others.) New Year’s Eve by the Eastern calendar accompanied by lavish rituals with festive processions, feasts and symbolic gifts. However, not all lie on the surface. We can perceive only resemblance of things, but sometimes we can notice deeper analogy. East New year always begins at the time of the new Moon. This is the beginning of a new cycle, which lays down a program for the coming year. At the time of the birth of the moon, we are particularly vulnerable to any external influence. Strangers can easily upset your delicate internal balance. That is why the Eastern tradition to meet the holiday with your family is justified.

What color clothes to choose for a meeting of Year of Goat: blue or green? In the Eastern tradition Tree element is denoted in blue or green. Therefore, both options are correct. Wood element is associated with strong feelings, imaginative and gift of improvisation? Therefore, the ideal solution would be a romantic style or fantasy style. Most likely, you have already purchased these outfits in December 2014, obeying the pressure of the popular mass media. Now you can wear them to emphasize your energy relationship with the cosmos.

In the Year of Goat demand for refined dresses, feminine style, exquisite decoration usually increases. Meet this year in beautiful clothes and always be beautiful! 

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