New Year image 2015
New Year image  2015

Let’s consider the fashion horoscope for the evening of December 31, 2014. Emotional background of the New Year holiday determines Moon in Taurus. Moon in this earthly, gourmet sign will allow you to experience every morsel, every crease seductive dress. Other heavenly  designers: Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo also contribute to your New Year’s image. We offer you 4 options for New Year’s image in accordance with the symbolism of the planets.

Moon in Taurus

For the children of Moon: Canser, as well as gentle Pisces and restless Scorpios

Landmarks on Moon suit those who prefer the comfort of any situation. Moon in Taurus offers us a low-key image, which emphasizes the feminine body shape. The projection of the sign of Taurus on the human body: the neck. So use all that highlights this area: large collars, boas, stoles, pashmina. Do not limit yourself to use decorative items, jewelry. Choose clothing in natural colors: green, light green, emerald green, color of moss. Your trump card in a festive evening will be the ability to express your mood and create an atmosphere of pampering and luxury.

Venus in Capricorn

For representatives of the elements of the Earth: gourmet Virgo, thorough Taurus and conservative Capricorn

This image reminds Christmas snow queen, frozen in frost. It bears the imprint of nostalgia elusive. It is clear that it is more suitable for young girls who are still to come. To create this image, choose a classic style with elements of retro accessories with the symbolism of Venus: delicate flowers, mirrors, antique jewelery or subjects with the effect of aging, blackened metal and dim glitter stones. Colors: shades of gray and blue, the combination of black and white.

Mars in Aquarius

For representatives of the element of Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, as well as for anyone who loves to fly in dreams and in reality

This astrological influence will find its response in freedom and creative people who want to reflect momentary mood in his image. Your image should create a sense of freedom and flight, as well as carefree and aspirations for the future. For this purpose, an avant-garde style and space, unusual cut, from the most simple capes to super-sophisticated design solutions.

Symbols sign of Aquarius: wings, hands, key, airplane, stars, space. Colors: bright silver and pearl shades.

Jupiter in Leo

Image for representatives of the element of Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and all lovers of things status

This stellar landmark associated with the influence of the chief designer of heaven, Jupiter in Leo. Leo is a sign of royal splendor, brightness and abundance. And in this New Year’s Eve you can afford a lot more than usual generous cut, expensive fabrics, furs and jewelry. Appropriate will play with disguises, the image of the hero of theatrical performance or a famous person. Colors: gold, mustard, ocher, purple, burgundy. Symbols in ornaments and patterns on fabrics: sun, fire, crown.

Enjoy every moment of the evening, slowly, tasteful and placement. After all, it will not be repeated more than ever!

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Photo: Olga Samoilova

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New Year image  2015New Year image  2015New Year image  2015New Year image  2015

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