Your wallet in 2015
Your wallet in 2015

In terms of money year 2015 promises to be more stable and less conflictual than 2014. Its astrological characteristics combine three directions: the unexpected twists of fate, attention to detail and a healthy adventurism. Now consider what would be the contents of the wallet in 2015 for each Zodiac sign.

ARIES. Compared with last year, the financial situation will be more stable. At the same time, domestic demand for undue risk will lower. But do not wait easy money. In 2015, Mars, the ruler of your sign, will not have periods of retrograde motion. This means that you will always move forward. Your hobby may become a new source of income: the organization of holidays, crafts, fashion design.

TAURUS. The money will come to you in a roundabout way: for example, after a divorce or separation of property from the former partners. At the beginning of the year try to avoid risky situations that may lead to financial dependence. Try not to give and not to take the money in debt, do not act as a guarantor when you make a loan, especially during Mercury retrograde (from January 21 until February 11, from May 19 until June 11, from September 17 to October 9). Noticeable purse replenishment will begin in September 2015, when revenues will directly depend on your efforts and creativity.

GEMINI. The financial situation in 2015 will be uneven, as higher ambitions will require substantial costs. For some Gemini they will be associated with the development of business solutions to professional problems, while others with the personal life. The cost of purchasing the prestigious things for your image as quite justified. They will help to strengthen your new social status and, ultimately, to get a better paying job.

CANSER. Severe infusion in your capital is not expected. However, the level of your material condition is not serious. First, the income of your partner (spouse) will increase. Secondly, probably inheritance, insurance, alimony are possible, for which you are struggling since last year. Unplanned cash flows are possible in May and early June, when Venus will pass on your Sun sign.

LEO. In the first half of the year the same trend with the desire to «splurge» will retain. Starting from August 12, 2015, the focus has shifted towards rationality and practicality. You’ll be ready to give your money only on what you really need. It is justified by the cost of health, household appliances, improving the conditions of everyday life. Large sums are possible from the sale of apartments or land.

VIRGO. In 2014, you are constantly experiencing a constant shortage of funds. Since mid-2015 the situation will change for the better. The money will come to you from a variety of sources: literary work (creating content for websites, blogging, diaries of travel), trade organic products and products for a healthy lifestyle, culinary and restaurant area.

LIBRA. In the first half of the year stable minus is expected, but in the second your wallet will gradually grow. Try not to borrow large sums of money, even from close friends, as a percentage of probability of repayment is close to zero. Perhaps you dream of purchasing a new home, but you can prevent unforeseen circumstances connected with your parents or household.

SCORPIO. Your income will fall slightly, but will become more stable. And your money will be only yours, they do not have to share with anyone. In business, you will be able to profit from even the most hopeless projects. But income from real estate (apartments for sale, lease, real estate services) no longer bring a profit last year. Also spending on repairs and home improvement, car purchase, and modern technology are anticipated.

SAGITTARIUS. When there is money a sense of confidence in the future always comes. And the world provide you with this wonderful feeling. The first admission at the beginning of the year can be quite modest, but then a lot will depend on your ambitions. Hen pecks grain by grain, and the year of painstaking and deliberate personal finance costs, you can save yourself for a small house by the sea.

CAPRICORN. There are solid cash flows. Magnificent flair will tell you where buried treasure chests, and it is easier to get. In March, when you will find new sources of revenue, do not put notify your their colleagues. Autumn rain of money will fall from unexpected sources: solid premium, return of the old debt, part-time work or to combination of several duties.

AQUARIUS. The situation with the money can be quite confusing. Once you have managed to get the desired amount, as here there is a new project that requires immediate investments. If you can not «lay up treasures on Earth», then «lay up treasures in heaven»: study psychology, listen to music, get acquainted with the best perfume compositions, grow your children in close connection with art. This will be your invaluable asset.

PISCES. 2015 is not rich in the rustle of banknotes, but also your requests will not be too high. So everything is in balance. You yourself do not have to worry about your daily bread: this will help to influential colleagues, friends or spouse. And what is beyond measure, then be patient and wait for the favor of stars. It is possible to obtain a long-term loan that will help you implement a long-standing plans. 

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