Color of the Year 2015 by Pantone and Fashion-Astrology.com: why they do not match?
Color of the Year 2015 by Pantone and Fashion-Astrology.com: why they do not match?

In July 2014 on website Fashion-Astrology.com the forecast by Veronica Tkachenko about the most fashionable color of 2015 was published. In November 2014 the Pantone company also released their own version of what will be the Color of the Year 2015. And we are convinced that these colors are very different. Color of the year by Fashion-Astrology.com is calm color indigo, the color of faded jeans and an old school uniform. And the color of the year from the company Pantone is Marsala, the color of sweet red wine from the Italian province. What is the cause of significant differences?

We conducted a special investigation, which analyzed the criteria for selecting colors from Pantone and in terms of Fashion Astrology for several years. Most often, the leading color matches the color of the transit of Jupiter in Zodiac sign. It was these considerations guided us when subscribed to the next trendy recipe. Let us recall the main astrological alignment of the planets in 2015. Jupiter, the main fashion significator, in August 2014 changed their place of residence. Most of 2015, until September 2015, it is in Leo sign. Color of Jupiter in Leo: light magenta (Shining Orchid). Here the Pantone company little hurried and as the Color of the Year 2014 has chosen such astrological influences that have recently declared themselves.

The transition of Saturn in Sagittarius in December 2014 left its mark on events over the next 2.5 years. Therefore, the color vibration of this planet must be considered in the fashion forecast. The colors of the first decade of Sagittarius: piercing blue and rich crimson. Therefore, in the basis of our fashionable outlook shade of blue from Saturn in Sagittarius and Virgo color decade were put. But Pantone has decided differently. Marsala color: red-brown is a mixture of colors of individual decades of Leo, Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn. It did not belong to any specific planet or sign.

There is a famous saying that anyone thought converge. If it’s a serious competitor, such a similarity can be enjoyable. But if you think about it, do not look for similarities in the forecasts of different companies. Otherwise, each of them would have long since tearing her hair from the mismatch forecasts and reality. «In reality it is not so, in fact», — said Stanislaw Jerzy Lec. And if the methodology differs so much, everyone goes to the goal of their own way.

We continue to work in a different direction. Prior to connection, to new forecasts, independent and courageous! 

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