Textile Trends 2015-2016: Earth surface
Textile Trends 2015-2016: Earth surface

This textile trend also takes its origin from the earth sign Virgo. Predominant influence here Jupiter in Virgo has (August 2015-September 2016). Furthermore, it forms a major aspect of a harmonious - trine – with Pluto in Capricorn and major hard aspect - the opposition – with Neptune in Pisces. Thus, from these astrological influences we get a variety of options for textile designs, which were associated with the earth's surface. This textile trend is related to a group of color combinations «Living crystals», highlighted earlier. Judging by its name, it can be assumed that the main role is played by the symbolism of the sign of Capricorn (crystals, stones, rock) and Pluto (the underlying processes, hidden energy transformation). That’s right. The transformative role of Pluto already is very noticeable in the new textile products, which belong to this group. Therefore, in these fabrics, we see unexpected kinks, cuts the crystal structure, three-dimensional effects, grain, roughness, etc. At the same time, the contours and shape of these patterns are not formed explicitly, as Neptune in Pisces contributes to their erosion. The overall impression of such patterns: complex, reflected the underlying processes. It is clear that we will not use these fabrics for children’s clothing. These pictures are suitable for creative, strong-willed people, for clothes in the fantasy or sports style.

In publication fabric samples of Internet-shops: italtkani.ru, 3tkani.ru, legatkani.ru and others are used. At the time of the preparing the forecast we could not find many examples of such tissues. But they certainly appear during 2015-2016. We are sure! 

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Textile Trends 2015-2016: Earth surfaceTextile Trends 2015-2016: Earth surfaceTextile Trends 2015-2016: Earth surfaceTextile Trends 2015-2016: Earth surface

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