Textile Trends 2015-2016: The environmental movement
Textile Trends 2015-2016: The environmental movement

This textile trend also presents basic properties of Virgo Zodiac sign, but in combination with the influence of Pluto in Capricorn. What does Virgo sign in our conventional sense? This is attention to detail and a healthy lifestyle, environmental concerns, the desire to turn chaos into an ordered state. The key word here is the care. As we know, in the process of taking care of cleanliness we must to overcome various intermediate states, including the purification of all unnecessary and obsolete. On the way to order and cleanliness, we meet with the various waste materials, products of human activity. This is the key concept of the sign of Scorpio and its ruler, Pluto. Saturn, which is for 2.5 years was Scorpio, intensified these energies. But for the formation of this eco-friendly trend is not enough with energy of Virgo. With the entry of Jupiter in Virgo in August 2015 the situation is changing. There is a desire not only to organize things, but also to dispose of garbage. «When you woke up, tidy your planet»,  these words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery are the best fit the description of this trend.

So, what fabrics belong to this trend? These are fabric with graphics or fancy pattern, randomly distributed on the canvas. Drops, strokes, paint stains in combination with vegetable prints. They give the impression of disorder, additional processing of secondary raw materials or store the traces of time. This is attrition, faded or imitation of Patchwork (in common with textile trend «Patchwork»). At the time of the forecast, we found only a few of such samples. It can be assumed that the future flourishing fashion denim will be a perfect illustration of this trend. According to Fashion-Astrology.com, Color of the Year 2015 is indigo. After all, jeans are one of the favorite items of clothing that are long, restore and even used to create other fashion items.

So, choose the clothes, dyed with natural dyes, unconcerned about the physical deterioration of things, wear your favorite jeans or remake them into vests, hats and purses. Cherish our home planet! 

In publication fabric samples of Internet-shops: italtkani.ru, 3tkani.ru, legatkani.ru and others are used. 

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Textile Trends 2015-2016: The environmental movementTextile Trends 2015-2016: The environmental movementTextile Trends 2015-2016: The environmental movementTextile Trends 2015-2016: The environmental movement

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