How to celebrate New Year 2016: New Year’s meal, festive attire and entertainment
How to celebrate New Year 2016: New Year’s meal, festive attire and entertainment

We offer you a New Year forecast by fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko. First of all, let me say that on the night of December 31 to January 1, we celebrate the New Year by the European calendar. It has no relation to the beginning of the New Year by the Eastern calendar. Year of Monkey begins on February 8, 2016. That’s when we mention it with all necessary attributes, symbols and gifts.

How to celebrate New Year

We have already got a new cosmic influence that creates generous Jupiter in Virgo. Throughout the 2016 Virgos will be tastemakers around the Zodiac. We are impressed by this peculiar sign of criticality, attention to detail and inimitable talent with a small stroke to give a new sound for familiar things. Preparing for the New Year holiday, we also will use handy mood of representatives of this sign.

Festive meal

The main landmark of the New Year menu is Moon in earth sign of Virgo. Its influence extends to the entire globe, no matter where you celebrate the New Year in an Alpine chalet or bungalow on the beach, in the status restaurant or in the domestic circle.

So, what should be the 2016 New Year’s table? The overall style: an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish with colorful garnish. Small cakes and chopped toasted. Food legumes: peas, beans, chickpeas. Spicy snack on skewers. Cold drinks with fresh berries and fruits. Spices and condiments: peppermint, dill, fennel, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, rosemary, basil, sesame, lemon peel. Special feature: freshly baked homemade bread or dish with cereals. Serving accessories in green color.

Your New Year image

1) Restrained and flirty.

2) Free and uninhibited.


Shades of gray, green and indigo.


X-silhouette (fitted).


Details and accessories

This is the most important part of fashion image, which play a pivotal role. Graceful handbag clutch. Bracelets and mobile medallions. The emphasis on the waist (a variety of straps and belts), lacing, rows of small buttons, trim lace and embroidery, artificial flowers, vintage brooches. Virgo stones: carnelian, jasper, peridot, onyx, lapis lazuli.

Where and how to celebrate the New Year

This New Year’s Eve will be special. At the time of the meeting in 2016 simply unique astrological aspects consist that are beyond the outer shyness concealed a violent passion. Moon and Mars in Virgo in trine to Pluto in Capricorn and in square to Saturn in Sagittarius can manifest very uneven, in the form of bursts and sudden changes of the mood. Therefore, be guided by the style of behavior of Capricorn, the most persistent and moderate representatives of the Zodiac.

ARIES. Make no clear plans for this evening. Still a lot can change in a few hours before the fight chimes.

TAURUS. This holiday is a sure chance to establish your personal life. So, celebrate the New Year together with your loved one, or in a company where there is a chance to meet him.

GEMINI. There are chances to spend this New Year’s Eve in the visits and trips for guests. And that’s fine.

CANCER. Shortly before the festive meal, try to get out into nature, breathe fresh air, and then return to your home in a warm cozy nest.

LEO. This year your fest will be a little more modest than last year, but still with noisy guests, theatrical performances and disguises.

VIRGO. The status holiday at home with catering or a visit to the prestigious restaurant. You can afford it.

LIBRA. Tete-a-tete with your loved one or with a prospective partner.

SCORPIO. New Year will be celebrated in the family circle, with the representatives of the older generation. And let parents and grandparents will dictate this holiday conditions. So the stars say.

SAGITTARIUS. With your friends in a country house, taking part in preparing the festive treats and meals on an open fire.

CAPRICORN. For Capricorn, birthday persons of the month, I advise to spend the holiday at home, following all established traditions.

AQUARIUS. In ski resort, in the hotel spa or in an exotic country, but always in the company of friends.

PISCES. For representatives of this sign on the eve of the holiday it is desirable to sense the element of water. It will be a source of inspiration for the whole year.

I recall that the recommendations of the Zodiac signs are very general in nature. You can order astrological consultation by Veronica Tkachenko to know the forecast for the next year and adjust the events in the desired direction. Order the consultation by e-mail: info@fashion-astrology.com.

I wish you a bright, joyful and happy new year! 

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