Celebrating New Year 2017
Celebrating New Year 2017

We bring to your attention the New Year's forecast by the fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko. First of all, let me say, that on the night of December 31 to January 1, we celebrate the New Year by the European calendar. It has no relation to the beginning of the New Year by the Eastern calendar. Year of Rooster begins on January 28, 2017. That's when we mention it with all necessary attributes, symbols and gifts.

This New Year's Eve will be controversial. Venus together with Moon in Aquarius acts in favor of free schedule of the evening with all sorts of digressions and impromptu. Mars in tandem with Neptune in Pisces pulls calm somewhere in silence, preferably near the water, with a glass of good wine. Jupiter in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aries explosively pulls the rope in one direction or the other. Therefore attacks generosity and desire to sit at one table all at once replaced by a desire to make a theater of «one-man» or to throw some focus before an appreciative audience. Therefore, be guided by the style of behavior of Capricorn, the most persistent and moderate representatives of the zodiac.

ARIES. Uranus in your sign does not contribute to stability in the New Year's Eve. Therefore, do not make clear plans and be prepared for the unexpected events.

TAURUS. Among your guests will surely be colleagues or representatives from the sphere of your professional interests. Make sure that the holiday is not turned into a conference of experts.

GEMINI. Tête-à-tête with a loved one or with a perspective cavalier. Allow yourself the best and luxury!

CANCER. Feast on a grand scale! Before that, try to get out into nature, breathe fresh air, and then return to your home in a warm cozy nest.

LEO. Away from your friends in a country house, taking part in preparing the festive treats and meals on an open fire.

VIRGO. A little more modest than last year, but a well thought out program of the evening and intellectual entertainment.

LIBRA. The status holiday at home with catering or a visit to the prestigious restaurant. Under the generous rays of Jupiter you can afford it.

SCORPIO. This New Year you will meet in quite modest and reserved conditions, perhaps, on the trip or on a long journey.

SAGITTARIUS. You will celebrate New Year in the family circle, with the representatives of the older generation. Let the situation of this holiday dictate parents and grandparents. Saturn in your sign determines the conditions.

CAPRICORN. Capricorn, the birthday of the month, I advise you to spend the holiday at home, observing all the established traditions.

AQUARIUS. This holiday provides you with a wide variety of possibilities. Unmarried women will be able to hear the sacred words (offer of marriage).

PISCES. This holiday will give you courage and looseness. Men should always take the initiative. Do not abuse strong drinks!

I recall that the recommendations for Zodiac signs are the most common in nature. On the consultation by astrologer Veronica Tkachenko you can order your personal horoscope to know the forecast for the next year and adjust the events in the desired direction. Order for consultation: info@fashion-astrology.com.

I wish you a joyful, creative and fun-filled New Year! 

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