New Year image 2017
New Year image 2017

We bring to your attention our logo forecast by the fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko. Let's look at the fashion horoscope, drawn up for January 31, 2016. First of all, note the Mercury retrograde phase. This means that the New Year should not meet in new clothes, but in the one that you already have worn. New items purchased or sewn at this time, later deteriorating rapidly due to various reasons. Mercury retrograde period is an opportunity to look back, to remember everything: the good and the not so. In addition, the dress that you have put on, for you will be more convenient and comfortable, because it corresponds to the energy of this period. 

The next important sign by which we select the clothes, it's color. Here we have identified as many as 3 color directions. Pick and choose what you will like.

Color scheme

1. Turquoise and fresh herbs. In the language of Fashion Astrology, this color pair creating by Moon in conjunction with Venus in Aquarius in sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. Recommended for representatives of the Air element, and anyone, who wants to increase the spontaneity and creativity in their lives.

2. Beige-solid and serene blue. In the formation of the couple Jupiter in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aries takes part. Uranus on the eve of the New Year will change its direction of motion, which further activates the energy of this planet. Recommended for representatives of the Fire element, and everyone, who is in search of balance: in a relationship, in the choice of profession and future life path.

3. The thick and muted purple berry color. So in the fashionable horoscope conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces manifests. The colors of this combination has traditionally been considered a touch of stimulating erotic attraction. Most likely, representatives of the water signs will choose this combination. But we will not impose anything. Decide for yourself, you need it or not. Because of the strong influence of Neptune delusions, deceptions may be, which later will be scattered like mist.

How can we make our predictions of colors? This is a part of the author's technique, which is based on the ancient astrological traditions, modern researches and data of astropsychology spectral radiation of the planets. Electronic color library: «Colors of the decades of Zodiac signs» and «Сolors of the planets in Zodiac signs» are available on the website Fashion-Astrology.com.

Next, pay attention to the fashionable silhouette and constructive lines for festive clothes.


Casual A-line or X-fitted silhouette. The length to mid-calf. Trousers in the female image have the same chances of success as dresses and skirts.


To complete the image, you can use as a fancy jewelry-day and jewelery with stones of alexandrite, sapphire and topaz smoky. Perceived accessories, emphasizing the ankles (a projection of Aquarius sign on the human body) will be the most interesting. Other accessories: a variety of hairpins, a polishing cloth and chokers, Kaffa and mismatched earrings.

I remind you that these recommendations apply only to the New Year's Eve. For the different date they will be very different. On the consultation by the astrologer Veronica Tkachenko you can order your personal horoscope to know the forecast for the next year and adjust the events in the desired direction. Order for consultation: info@fashion-astrology.com.

In our gallery consistently presented color samples 1, 2 - Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius; 3, 4 - Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries; 5, 6 - Mars in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces. 

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New Year image 2017New Year image 2017New Year image 2017New Year image 2017New Year image 2017New Year image 2017

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