Fashion Astrology: textile trends, prints and motives 2016-2017
Fashion Astrology: textile trends, prints and motives 2016-2017

The most valuable forecast of fashion is one that allows all participants to prepare for the fashion industry in a timely manner to new fashion trends. Therefore we publish forecasts fashion trends, at least for 2-2.5 years before the onset of the current season.

In the fall of 2016, Jupiter, planet of the main fashion horizon, moves from Virgo into Libra. And start a completely different fashion history from now on. The slow planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto still remain in their Zodiac signs, but in other decades, which also lead to the formation of new configurations of the planets.

What's new in the textile industry for the last time? In a conversation with Red Dot Industry  specialists, we learned the following information. The textile prints are important two components: the rhythm pattern and the size of individual elements. Until recently, in the art of building rapport (the basic pattern element) was highly valued. Change cloth production technologies affected the figure. There are new ways of printing on fabric, namely Digital print (computer print). However, her appearance was no longer a need to print matrices, Rapport no more than 60-120 cm for the conventional serial printer, or other restrictions. Gone was the dependence of the number of colors. In this connection, it may seem that now the textile prints: a design without rules. No and no again. Figures constructed taking into account the good old rules are still the leaders in sales. Still, the order in life, we need, at least for dresses. In the language of astrology is a fashion influence of Saturn in Sagittarius trine to Uranus in Aries. By strong harmonious aspect between Saturn, the planet of restrictions, and Uranus, the revolutionary fashion, leads to deter and discipline creative impulses.

According to the old rules of construction of textile patterns, in one print should be large, medium, small elements. Of course, it may well be sold and the pattern of one large flower. Then it will come into force the following rule. Separate creative element — such as a flower — to be modern, and its movement — rhythmical and desirable variety. Dress in which to build a simple drawing of a single element rapport, quite a lot. The monotonous rhythm of a pattern also does not lose its appeal over time and is a good technological support for the garment manufacturers of mass consumption.

Rhythm pattern set not only the items but also the color motion. Do you remember how well year after year sold leopard print? It can take as a guide for studying the movement of sunspots and elements. Without thinking for a long time, open any file with a photo leopard - and here's the first lesson of simple textile design. Lesson two. Now look at your drawing, the movement of the color patches. Remind them even remotely leopard skin? Old artist, draw by hand, not on the computer that was used a little trick. Move over from the drawing, close a little your eyes so that specific elements blurred, and there was one color only. Do you like the color is now the rhythm of movement, whether he felt? When rhythmic color fabric will be easier to cut, it can make even a novice. For complex color spots you ask a lot of designer puzzles.

Thus, we consider almost traditional textile prints for the period 2016-2017. In total, we have identified 6 different trends with new symbols:

1. Divine Rose.

2. Feminine coquetry.

3. The element of Air.

4. Grandfather's chair.

5. The metal and mirrors.

6. Half of the Sun.

Textile Trends: True Religion (born in 2014), Cartography Interesting (born in 2014) and the watercolor fantasy (born in 2015) go in 2016-2017 virtually unchanged. More in details — in our next publications. 

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