New Year image 2018
New Year image 2018

We bring to your attention  our logo forecast by the fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko. This time I did not hurry with the publication of the forecast of the New Year's image for several reasons. Firstly, because recently the period of retrograde Mercury (from December 3 till 23) ended, which occurred just in the most active period of preparation for the New Year. Secondly, at the time of the New Year, Mercury will not yet come out of the loop in its heavenly trajectory. In order for it to return to a straight trajectory, it takes a considerable amount of time: at least, exactly as much as for a reversal. In our case, the exit from the loop of Mercury will not occur until January 11.

I talked a lot about how this heavenly influence is reflected in our daily life and fashion. One of the most important features is that all new things created or purchased during this period are later used not in the way that was intended. At best, they will be gifted to someone from your acquaintances or will dust in your wardrobe. It is possible that a thing stitched or bought with retrograde Mercury can simply fail you: it is inappropriate in size, in color, style. At the most crucial moment, hidden defects can be found in it, and so on. If, at the insistence of the client, the tailor is still creating a new thing, then it can turn out to be a fancy one-day event, which you will recall a couple of times a year. And now think - do you need this?

Let's take a look at the fashion horoscope, compiled for January 31, 2017. First of all, a stellium from three planets attracts attention:  Sun, Venus and Saturn. And this influence will be stronger than the influence of personal planets: Moon and Venus, which usually dictate their color preferences. Saturn, the keeper of time and the cosmic cutter, has recently changed the place of his dislocation and passed from the sign of Sagittarius to Capricorn, where it will stay during 2.5 years. In this sign, Saturn manifests its qualities to the maximum extent: structure, hierarchy, conservatism, respect for traditions. In addition, Venus in Capricorn gives a hundred points in favor of the image in a retro or vintage style. Therefore, for the meeting of the New Year, I recommend choosing the outfit already available from your wardrobe, which will correspond to the spirit of the times in a literal and figurative sense. This can be a dress «with a story», in which you celebrated an important family celebration or attended an official event.

Fabrics: lace, silk, velvet, wool, tweed, fabrics with a muted luster. Bright shine, sequins, etc. categorically not recommended.

Cut: the most relevant is a column dress, a dress-combination. Also welcome trousers and smart overalls (Moon in Gemini).

Color: predominantly dark shades of gray, blue, brown and HIS MAJESTY - black.

Ornaments and accessories: in retro style or with the effect of artificial aging.

As you can see, all the recommendations are related to the symbolism of Saturn. Let them not become a burdensome restriction for you. The study of the theme of Saturn will allow you to free yourself from the old limitations and enter a new stage of development with less stringent conventions and limitations. All frames are only in our head, but not in the horoscope!

I remind you that these recommendations apply only to the New Year's Eve. For the different date they will be very different. On the consultation by the astrologer Veronica Tkachenko you can order your personal horoscope to know the forecast for the next year and adjust the events in the desired direction. Order for consultation: info@fashion-astrology.com.





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New Year image 2018New Year image 2018New Year image 2018New Year image 2018

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