Fashion Horoscope-2014 for Zodiac signs
Fashion Horoscope-2014 for Zodiac signs

We offer you fashion horoscope for 2014 by the famous fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko.

ARIES. Aries-fans of individual style and novice designers will continue to be ahead of the rest. Your Zodiac sign ruler is Uranus, which gives an amazing flair for fashion trends and brings innovative ideas. Do not look at the other and go your own way, even if no one can support you. Your ally will be a great sense of humor and completely impractical. The scope of application of forces for designers: sunglasses, hair accessories, earrings, and cuffs. In the second half of 2014 you will be able to calm down a little, spend more time in your native places. Purchase a beautiful silk gowns, stylish sleepwear and lingerie for sophisticated seduction.

TAURUS. Taureans in 2014 will be able to take a higher position, to represent their company at important events. So you need to rethink your wardrobe, purchase status clothes in a simple style. You feel fine texture, material handling and know how to beat all his dignity. Therefore, choose fabrics that are now the height of fashion: jacquard, tweed double-sided, thick shantung and kadi silk, complex geometric patterns. These fabrics add your age and solidity, but they can complete with soft, romantic blouses and lacy lingerie, which only you know yourself. Your colors: navy blue, cobalt, lead-gray, deep cherry and burgundy.

GEMINI. In the past year, you have learned more careful about your favorite things, and now not so easy to part with them. Now you need to carefully choose a basic wardrobe items, designed for long term wear, regardless of the dictates of fashion trends. Note the double-breasted coat in men’s style jackets on the volume of wool and mohair. In everyday wardrobe you can save the usual multi-layered style, but add them more status accessories: detachable fur detail, a luxury handbag and jewelry that reflect the idea of mobility: pendants, bracelets, rings with charms.

CANCER. Representatives of this sign will be able to derive a new formula to do with fashion, «fashion trends + intuition = good health and happiness in private life». Jupiter, which in the first half of 2014 is in Canser sign, favors the choice of such things that increase the sense of security, provide comfort, creating a pleasant tactile sensation. Wardrobe for the coming year should be large enough to feel comfortable in any situation. Set of clothing is constructed of several layers of outerwear is made of hard, dense materials, and dresses are made from the air, flowing fabrics. It is appropriate to quote the unforgettable Coco Chanel: «Be like the cocoon at day and as a butterfly at night!» In the second half of 2014 you will update your wardrobe, for reasons of status and prestige.

LEO. Look forward to an amazing year full of happy events and new discoveries in the field of fashion. In mid-July 2014 Jupiter, the planet of «great happiness», enters into your Zodiac sign. This astrological event happens one time in 12 years. So, make plans to study in the fashion industry, try your hand at an artistic activity. Clothes in turquoise, lemon, cool pastel tones should leave of your wardrobe. Change them to fine shades of ocher, mustard, burgundy and purple. Make costumes for theatrical premieres, for joint go out with your partner or spouse. Perfectly matched clothes can play an important role in the development of personal happiness.

VIRGO. The next year will be successful for those Virgos who make their first steps in the development of collections, work in fashion journalism. Planetary influences limit new contacts, but at the same time, discipline and provide opportunities for design solutions. For designers-Virgos it is useful to record their fashion ideas, collect portfolio. In 2014, you will need to replenish your wardrobe items for study and small trips. One of the best periods of the year is the eve of the day of birth. From 6 till 29 September will be Venus will be in your Zodiac sign, which will help in the selection of the great ensembles of low-key and inexpensive things. In creating an individual style you should pay attention to the masterly combination of graphic patterns.

LIBRA. For Libra planets do not promise mountains of gold. You’ll have to save that for a small budget look cool. But you can successfully beat the new properties of the usual things and give them new life. Do not shop clothes during Mercury retrograde: February 6-28, June 7-July 2, October 4-25, otherwise they will quickly go out of use. Pay attention to accessories, because they set the tone for the entire image. You can make by yourself bags, belts, hats or to decorate already finished products. The color scheme can distinguish two main areas: the dark contrasting trim on the bright background and color blocks of two related colors (pink and burgundy, blue and cobalt, etc.).

SCORPIO. Luck awaits Scorpions in areas that are associated with travel, internship abroad or higher education in the field of fashion. Look to ethnic costumes: they can be a source of inspiration in the work of designers. Saturn, which is your Zodiac sign, not only creates limitations, but also supports the internal structure, and crystallises the most valuable things that as a result becomes a unique diamond. Therefore, you are recommended clean, elegant design lines, monochromatic color scheme. You can become directly involved in a new golden age of fashion denim. For the evening and dressy apparel, use a combination of superelastic and superrigidity materials, embroidery and rhinestones, leather and lace.

SAGITTARIUS. Hard aspects of the planets in the first half of the next year will be reflected in the application of inharmonious, strident color combinations, in random combinations of disparate pieces of clothing. In mid-summer 2014 Jupiter, your patron, will move from a water sign Cancer in the fire sign of Leo, and circumstances begin to take shape in your favor. You do not have to prove anything to others. You will be taken adequately in any manner. Designers-Sagittarians can become the authors of really innovative ideas that will remain in the bank of fashion for a long time. From the old proposals take into service such items as coats of arms, braids, chains, patterns: geographic maps, nautical motifs, anchors, compasses, etc.

CAPRICORN. For Capricorn the first half of 2014 will be held under the sign of partnership. Your spouse or your environment opinion will play a major role for you. Since July 2014 you will be able to let go at will your desires and to create such an image, which you most prefer. In your individual style more visual, temptation, crisp design lines will appear. The most common artificial materials use: vinyl, nylon, plastic. Wear shoes with the highest heels around the Zodiac. If you are a designer, try to create new variations on the theme of the familiar narrow trousers: jodhpurs, breeches, pants with stripes, leggings, jeggings.

AQUARIUS. Planetary aspects 2014 promise to Aquarius marriage, new partnerships or extension of personal relationships. In the promotion of career plans do not go as fast as expected. But the sense of inner freedom and the joy of creativity compensate the difficulties. You are advised to have long familiar style unisex, which now is gaining new features: parka jacket, leather jackets, parachute pants. Colours: black, graphite, sand, ocher. Against this neutral background it is possible to show «animal instinct» and use the animalistic prints by ocelot, zebra, giraffe in accessories (shoes, handbags, belts, stockings). Aquarians-designers can create interesting collection of sportswear.

PISCES. The first half of 2014 for your sign will be marked by a special taste and ability to intuitively predict viable fashion trends. Designers- Pisces will be able to create such a thing that will remain long in our dressing rooms and in our hearts. Use more often in your individual style jersey, elastic materials, flowing fabrics that change colors depending on the lighting. The patterns on fabrics for the sign of Pisces resemble algae, corals, mysterious inhabitants of the deep sea. In January 2014, during the retrograde motion of Venus, you can create new topical sets of old items with a retro flavor. At this time is to acquire a valuable piece of jewelry, which will have a symbolic meaning for you and will stay with you for a long time. A wedding ring is not in the bill. 

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