Travel for inspiration in 2014
Travel for inspiration in 2014

In which corner of the world we have to go to recharge yourself with positive energy and create an extraordinary masterpiece? Well-known fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko will tell us about it. Let’s consider astrological routes for designers-travelers by Zodiac signs.

ARIES. Under the influence of Uranus you are attracted to emotionally intense situations that give the thrill and sense of belonging to what is happening. You will be able to draw inspiration from the temperamental Mexico, primitive Central Africa, Cambodia and lively abandoned Vietnam.

TAURUS. You do not have to go far from your own home. Measured rest of the city, the daily miracle of transformation of nature will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for you. Pick up a camera and record all the small details of nature. They certainly will come in handy in your creativity.

GEMINI. Plan long trips abroad. You will receive required drive behind the wheel of a car. This can be a great autobahn in Germany, the famous American highway 66, the Atlantic coast of Brazil, and even the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

CANCER. For Cansers interest to the historical roots, to their family roots increases. So, travel to your homeland or ethnographic excursions to ancient monasteries will be a good basis for the new collections. Other places for inspiration: an island in Greece, Peru or Egypt.

LEO. Jupiter in your solar sign’s increases ambitions and raises the bar of the claims. Choose the status routes, explore the life of royalty, visit the old castles of French monarchs. This will be reflected in the interior design and decoration.

VIRGO. Virgo usually lacks close to nature. Go anywhere in the countryside, where you can admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the simple pleasures of earth. Gastronomic journey to the famous cheese factory or winery will be inspiring.

LIBRA. Libras need frequent meetings with the beautiful. During trips to Europe visit the famous art galleries: the Louvre, the Prado. Being at home, visit the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum or the Hermitage. If possible, go and see the masterpieces of perfume makers in Italy or France.

SCORPIO. Natural and social contrasts, external constraints and strong internal experiences: this is what is necessary to Scorpio. You are waiting for the hot springs and dormant volcanoes of the Far East, lunar landscapes and volcanic sands of the Canary Islands, the Dead Sea, with its sacred minerals.

SAGITTARIUS. You must be familiar with the culture, unique cuisine and memorable ambiance of exotic countries such as China, Thailand or the Caucasus. Also fiery flamenco dancing the can-can or in a cabaret Moulin Rouge are recommended.

CAPRICORN. Go to for inspiration in places with severe beauty, filled with energy, or even life threatening. That description fit the Norwegian fjords, canyons, waterfalls and travels in Central Asia.

AQUARIUS. Have a positive effect on the mountain. You can visit any ski resort with peaceful surroundings or walk along the trails. Your location: Carpathian Mountains, the Urals, Altai, or Dolomites.

PISCES. Under the influence of Neptune your sources of inspiration are classical music, traveling by water, charming aromas and vintage wines. Attend a symphony concerts, opera stars, listen to the majestic organ in Riga and inhale the perfume composition.

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