The Year of Horse: jokingly and seriously
The Year of Horse: jokingly and seriously

The Year of Horse begins on January 31, 2014 at 01 h 40 min, Moscow time, in the first New Moon under Aquarius sign. January 31 is the first day of the New Year in South-East Asia, where it is celebrated lavishly and with panache. However, in Russia, few people care about the discrepancy between astrological dates and calendar New Year. They propose to celebrate it right now. As practice shows, the most characteristic and interesting inventions, reflecting a steward by the Eastern calendar, appear long before the promised day. Just lazy manufacturer does not exploit this golden idea. Designers also try to find application of Eastern horoscope in fashionable clothes.

Tigers, snakes and monkeys watching to us form T-shirts, bags, mugs and linens. And nobody cares that after the New Year, these beasts souvenir packs are sent to the trash. Show must go on! Later everyone forgets about the fact that they have once celebrated Eastenr New Year. Meanwhile, the date of the holiday comes. Thus, for example, was a year of Snake. By the way, it shall retain rights until January 31, 2014, Moscow time.

And now we have to face with the Horse. No, I certainly have nothing against this peaceful, hardworking animal. Always it is pleased to note worthy examples in any kind of creativity. Horses on a warm sweater and frisky horses under the hood are also good. Maybe someone is just not enough reliable information. Esoteric knowledge never has been enjoyed by the many. Therefore, those who do not have hidden information, it makes sense to listen to the opinion of astrologers. They spent on the study of the ancient knowledge of years and decades.

I propose to consider the astrological symbolism of Horse. What is taken seriously, and over what can make a joke? What New Year’s assortment to choose from, not to be excruciatingly painful for our aesthetic transgressions?


Astrological symbolism

Element: Fire-Yang

Motto: «I act»

Compliance with the sign of the Western horoscope: Sagittarius (Jupiter in Cancer).

Color: red

Characteristics of the Year of Horse by the Eastern calendar

Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, a symbol of activity, joy, sensitivity and joy of life. This sign has the nature of Yang, so pronounced leadership qualities allow easy transfer of Horses hardships of life. Horses sign corresponds to red, which is a symbol of the blood, of life. For Chinese red is the color of life and joy. In European astrology red color corresponds to Mars. Features of the year also apply to the character of a person born in this year.

These basic characteristics are superimposed to the features of the year considering the element (Wood) and color (blue). All manifestations become more calm, restrained, stable and predictable. Wood element symbolizes fertility, power, triumph and joy of life.

New Year’s Eve by the Eastern calendar, is mainly aimed at strengthening family traditions, ancestor worship. On that we mentioned in Veronica Tkachenko's publication «How to meet the Year of Horse».

Recommendations for creating New Year image

Once again I want to clarify that these recommendations apply to the meeting of Eastern New Year’s at the right time: on January 31, 2014. At this time, I suggest you approach the creative process and to use all the techniques that reflect the ideas of nature, optimism and joie de vivre. For the festive attire you can choose clothes blue or green and emphasize your individuality with original accessories.


Choose gifts with the symbol of the year. It is reasonable to expect that on the eve of the year Horses all products with the image of the horse will fly like hotcakes. Consumer cost of cars with lots of horsepower under the hood and with the cherished horse on the hood increases. World-famous brand, which have horse in their logo, will receive new flowering, for example, Hermes, which was originally established as a manufacturer of products for horse riding.

Of course, we are looking for familiar landmarks that help us in the interpretation of the Eastern symbolism. Sometimes there is the intersection of Eastern and Western horoscope. At the end of 2014 Saturn enters in Sagittarius sign. The symbol of this sign is Sagittarius-centaur. Therefore, products for horse riding, as well as goods stylized in this direction will be at the peak of popularity.

Horse is a large animal, so massive household items: fireplace statue or desktop paperweight will be very helpful. Belts with buckle as horses, brooches depicting horse racing, hairpins already will sale well.

Clothes for New Year’s parties and not only: pants with volume in the hips, resembling breeches or all familiar bananas, jockey boots made of soft leather.

Accessories: small hats with feathers, pendants in the form of a horseshoe. Fancy hats are one of the urgent issues related to the influence of Uranus in Aries.

Go ahead. Choose perfume with horse aromas (there are also), East woody scents, aromas of leather and spice.

So, it’s always. I wanted to make a joke, but it turned into a serious astrological story about Horse. You can still change it. Jolly holidays to you! 

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