3D Print Expo: space technologies close to us
3D Print Expo: space technologies close to us

From 23 to 25 October 2014 in Sokolniki Park an exhibition on account of advanced technology 3D-printing and scanning will host. Organizer is Exhibition Company Smile-Expo, which was founded in 2006. The main activity is the organization of international specialized exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars in Russia and CIS countries. The first exhibition of 3D Print Expo  was held in the spring of this year and has collected on its site more than 5 thousand of participants and visitors. Among them are representatives of different professions: 3D-printing market participants, business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers, architects, engineers, artists, jewelers, designers and chefs.

Three-dimensional printing is one of the most advanced technology, which is able to make a revolution in every sphere of human activity. It can be explained in terms of astrology. Entry of Uranus in Aries and conjunction with Jupiter in this Zodiac sign in the spring of 2011 opened a new epoch in marketing consumption: epoch of Aries. It is characterized by open-minded, even naive attitude to new technologies and children’s curiosity, which helps to open a previously unknown sphere. That is what was made major discoveries in the history of mankind: without regard to the other, to the fact that it can not in principle be. Today we can find a three-dimensional printing on different kinds of raw material: glass, metal, plastic, rubber, paper and even on food: sugar, chocolate, meat, etc.

The exhibition will take place on business events, exclusive fashion shows and demonstration of new technologies. Do you love chocolate? Then be sure to come to the Festival of Chocolate, where the best samples of their products demonstrate the company Fresh Cacao. At the Festival you can learn how the chocolate mill works, what new techniques has sweet cooking, how the 3D-printer works that prints chocolate. The organizers promise that chocolate ink will be enough for everyone.

Today, many designers are working at the intersection of fashion and 3D-technologies. Prepare to be surprised! With the help of 3D-printer breathtaking dress for Dita Von Teese, a collection of Bulgarian designer Larisa Katz, outfits by the Dutch designer Iris Van Herp were produced. And now you can see underwear, made ??by a Russian company Lascana, printed on the 3D-printer. As part of Moscow 3D Print Expo a unique 3D-fashion show will be. Showtimes: daily at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. 

More information about the exhibition and events by this link. 

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3D Print Expo: space technologies close to us3D Print Expo: space technologies close to us3D Print Expo: space technologies close to us3D Print Expo: space technologies close to us

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