The second charity jewelry ball «For the glory of Russian Jewelers»
The second charity jewelry ball «For the glory of Russian Jewelers»

On October 1, 2014 a traditional jewelry Charity Ball, organized by the International Forum of jewelry will hold. This beautiful tradition has been successfully incorporated in the last year. Event organizers: Russian Jewelers Guild Association, Foundation for Development of jewelry Russia, «Business partnership» club, «Women of Russia» club.

Ball guests will be representatives of government and business elites, large enterprises and investment companies, the leading art critics and collectors: the participants of the International Forum of jewelry, as well as numerous representatives of the jewelry industry from all over Russia. Last year, the great-grandson of Alexander III Kulikovskii Paul and his wife, grandson of the head of the company, Supplier of the Imperial Household Pavel Ovchinnikov  Alexey Ovchinnikov; known cultural figures and show business representatives visited ball. 

The program includes: official greetings, gala concert of Russian opera, dance program, the show ball gowns by designer Catherine Butakova, dance program, gala dinner, jewelry auction and and charity raffle. All funds raised will be spent on the restoration of the monument at the grave of a prominent Russian  jeweler Ivan Khlebnikov in the Spaso-Andronikov monastery.

Jewelry ball will over, but many problems remain, which are also waiting for an urgent solution. You can take part in other charitable projects to help make our lives more joyful and happy. Visit the websites of charities: Donors — for children; Podari zhyzn; Мurzik. Even a small amount of donations or donated blood can help to save a person’s life.

Remember, the charity has the best people on the earth! 

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