3D printing technology in lingerie by Lascana
3D printing technology in lingerie by Lascana

Advanced three-dimensional printing technology penetrates in new areas of our lives. It seems only yesterday we were wondering about chocolate products printed on a 3D printer. But today we have seen with our own eyes underwear created using three-dimensional printing. This experiment was carried out first by Lascana, European multi-brand online store of women’s and men’s underwear, swimwear, beach and leisure wear.

On Fashion-Astrology.com web we are happy to talk about the unusual updates, as well as how the are related to the influence of the stars. How and when did this idea born? Why does the company Lascana decided to take part in this project? What difficulties manufacturers encountered in the process? This is what about we asked Xenia Shilkina, managing director of the company Lascana. «From the inception of the idea in March 2014 and to implement it took 4 months. Thanks to new technology, we were able to touch the future. For the first time in Russia, we were able to prove that we can print underwear on the printer. We were fortunate that we were working with real professionals, masters of their craft. Each of them has invested part of his soul into this project.»

Author of «printed» lingerie model sketch is Victoria Anoka, winner of young designers competition organized by Grazia magazine in the nomination «People’s Choice Award». A source of inspiration for the designer world famous painting by Sandro Botticelli «The Birth of Venus» served. The task of the designer was not simply the creation of lingerie models, but the development of gentle, romantic and sexy model, which conforms to the latest fashion trends. The main problem that had to be addressed participants of the project: it is the choice of materials, computer simulation and training kit for printing. 3D-model must have a number of important parameters not to collapse during manufacture: the wall thickness, the mobility of individual parts, the right joints seams. The material must be flexible, durable and, at the same time, to maintain complex patterns, texture and object shape. There are many different methods and materials for the production of products using 3D-printing. For an ambitious project Lascana technology selective laser sintering powder, and as a material: a flexible, durable polyamide, which is easily painted in the desired color chosen. Creation of the required thickness caused a number of new problems. Therefore, in step simulation specialists practiced a structure model that can easily follow the shape of the body. All lingerie was produced to individual measures of the mannequin: height, chest and thighs. 

We were able to see this unique product near and must admit that it makes a strong impression. Sinks-cup bra looks as if caressing male hands support the breast from below. Side of the bra are made ??from delicately moving stars, which are connected to the movable fixtures. Shell fragment on the bikini bottom covers most intimate and, at the time, creates a comfortable to wear. Are we going to wear this underwear? As an advanced user of various women’s stuff, I prefer silk, lace and embroidery. But why not? After all, twenty years ago we could not imagine how to use the Internet and mobile phones. And today, we store information in the cloud and do not leave with an iPhone. 3D-press plays a huge role in the development of the fashion industry. Three-dimensional modeling gives designers more freedom and significantly speeds up the process work. The result exceeds all expectations. To see printed underwear by Lascana it is possible at 3D Print Expo on 23-25 ??October, in Moscow. 

From the point of view of Fashion Astrology, the concept of this product was born under the influence of Jupiter in Cancer. As we mentioned in the articles by Veronica Tkachenko, the projection of Cancer sign on the human body is the area of the bust. Symbol of Canser sign is shell, it also resonates with the idea of ??«printed» lingerie. Therefore, in the course of the year (June 2013-July 2014), there were many new and interesting ideas for the decoration of a female bust. In July 2014 Jupiter moved into Leo sign and formed a strong harmonious aspect (trine) with Uranus, the main space innovator and revolutionist. Therefore, there were favorable astrological conditions for the implementation of this idea. We wish the company Lascana audacity and success in promoting the new plans! 

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3D printing technology in lingerie by Lascana 3D printing technology in lingerie by Lascana 3D printing technology in lingerie by Lascana 3D printing technology in lingerie by Lascana

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