New Year lingerie collection by Lascana
New Year lingerie collection by Lascana

On October 2, in the capital restaurant Terrine, the presentation of the Christmas collection of nightwear and underwear by Lascana was held. Lascana is a European multi-brand store of women’s and men’s underwear, which represents the well-known brands: Jette, Marue Claire, Bruno Banani, Vivance and others. Christmas collection includes several lines: home, clothes for special occasions Lascana and comfortable core collection Petite Fleur made of cotton.

It should be noted that for the presentation very beautiful model with attractive shape parameters were invited, which helped them to best show all the advantages of the new collection. Plus size model charmed everyone present. Apparently, the effect of the transit of Jupiter in Cancer during the year (June 2013-July 2014) was reflected the selection of suitable models. As we know, Canser sign is projected onto the chest area. Curvy female forms are also relevant to the symbolism of this Zodiac sign.

At home clothes cozy suites and featuring a cute lamb already appeared. New Year 2015 by the Eastern calendar is the Year of the Goat (or Sheep). We all wanted to have the pajamas. Petite Fleur line, made ??of a material with a high cotton content, is ideal for everyday wear. Selected bras and panties can be combined into sets. Seductive lingerie Lascana includes bras, panties and garter belts, which in recent years are more and more demand for women. The main feature of this line: combination of black and beige colors with exquisite embroidery on a transparent background. This pattern, named «tattoo», was very popular in 2006-2007. From the Fashion Astrology point of view, in this period transiting Jupiter was in the sign of Scorpio, and contributed to the flourishing of sexy underwear. Currently Saturn stays in Scorpio, which also repeats the symbolism, but in a more restrained way.

The New Year collection will be available online lascana.ru from October 15, 2014. 

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New Year lingerie collection by Lascana New Year lingerie collection by Lascana New Year lingerie collection by Lascana New Year lingerie collection by Lascana

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