British Lifestyle Showcase at the British Embassy
British Lifestyle Showcase at the British Embassy

On December 2, at the British Embassy an acquaintance with the traditional attributes of the English lifestyle was held. Fashion trends in the understanding of British culture is not questionable ephemeral, but time-tested products and services that are at least 200 years. Men were able to see the royal ritual of shaving by Truefitt & Hill. The history of the oldest barber shop in the world began in 1805, when William Trueffit opened the world’s first salon of hairdressing services and classic shaving. In 2000, it entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest barbershop in the world. Compositions of care products include 10 essential oils. The recipe has not changed for 200 years. Among the clients of Truefitt & Hill many well-known personalities are who have left their mark in history.

Women tested products of aromatherapy Aromatherapy Associates. Its creator is Geraldine Howard. She was able to cope with a serious illness and has created unique recipes that heal both body and soul. Product names speak for themselves: Relax, De-Stress, Revive, Inner Strength and others.

British Lifestyle Showcase demonstrated the design decisions in the decoration of walls and floors. The most memorable instances: artificially aged wallpaper with paper backing, with simulated patches, but with gold plating and silkscreen. Bespoke carpets by Loomah, which deliver not only aesthetic, but also tactile pleasure. The chair upholstered in traditional Scottish tweed for Sherlock Holmes. Plaid and slippers for Dr. Watson are also included.

England in the astrological tradition refers to Libra sign. Harmony and restraint will be more in demand in Russia, when Jupiter will be in Libra (September 2016-October 2017). It’s time to tune into the English way. 

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British Lifestyle Showcase at the British EmbassyBritish Lifestyle Showcase at the British EmbassyBritish Lifestyle Showcase at the British EmbassyBritish Lifestyle Showcase at the British Embassy

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