Press tour in Saburovo Park
Press tour in Saburovo Park

On December 5, 2014 the company Kaskad Family organized a trip for the media in Saburovo Park. Saburovo Park is a gated development of 12 km from Moscow on Pyatnitskoe highway and 9 km from the new metro station. It is surrounded by forests and covers an area of 18.5 hectares. Here is a plot of complex modern brick townhouses from 146 to 176 square meters built. Disposition of each house is free. Every owner of property can arrange it according to his preferences. Next to each structure has a small plot of land from 1 to 3 acres. The company Kaskad Family cooperates with two of the most reliable banks: Sberbank and BTB24 that offer favorable conditions for the registration of a mortgage.

Initially, the concept of «town house» meant townhouse for the English nobility, who came to the capital from his country residence to enjoy spending time in the season of secular entertainment. Over time, this concept has transformed and acquired a new meaning in terms of Russian realities. At a meeting with representatives of the media broke stormy debate about what town house in Russian passed. And, it should be noted, it was a real gourmet delight for journalistic brain. Speakers so masterfully owned topic and presented their arguments to the idea that there was no room for the new tricky questions.

The round table was attended by leading speakers: Valery Mishchenko, chairman of the board of directors of the family companies Kaskad Family; Dubovenko Alexander, managing partner of the corporation Good Wood; Sasha Lukic, Managing Partner, Chief Architect design bureau Portner Architects and others.

In today’s competitive environment is not enough just to sell and to comply with the Federal Law 214-FZ. In order to attract a buyer it is necessary to know his psychological characteristics, motivation, reduce the percentage of non-registration of the transaction. Susanna Mishetyan, Deputy General Director of Kaskad Real Estate, in her speech was a portrait of a potential buyer townhouse. Also the features of the interior decoration of townhouses, unity of style space of two or three-level housing assistance SOS by the company when choosing a designer, etc touched on. Show-room, furnished by a famous Swedish brand products, made the impression of a cozy and lived-in space. It seems that’s all ready. Living simply and live!

In conclusion of our story let give a small astrological information. Saburovo Park belongs to the area of Libra Zodiac sing. Therefore, the good old England again recalls its centuries-old traditions. In terms of astrology, living in this area may be recommended for people born under Libra sign, as well as for those who have a stellium of planets in this sign.

Selecting a location for future housing is a very serious matter. When the main choice has been made, it remains to start under favorable aspects of the planets. It also signed an agreement on buying a home, and loan processing, and one of the most pleasant moments: for the first time to cross the threshold of your new house. In all these cases, you may need astrological consultation. For those who value their time and know how to articulate their thoughts, express consultation: horary questions are suitable. These are questions that are worded in such a way that they can be answered as «yes» or «no». In this case, there is no need to consider individual horoscope. The answer to the question can be obtained very quickly.

At the conclusion of the contract I advise you to avoid empty periods (Moon Void of course). Agreement (oral or written), concluded during such time, will lead to nothing.

Moon Void of course on December 2014 (Moscow time)

December 3 from 5:43 until 8:16 December 3

December 5 from 9:40 until 13:29 December 5

December 7 from 12:53 until 20:35 December 7

December 10 from 10 3:16 until 6:15 December 10 3:16

December 12 from15:50 until 18:20 December 12

December 15 from 5:12 until 7:06 December 15

December 17 from 8:41 until 17:53 December 17

December 20 from 00:12 until 17:53 December 20

December 21 from 15:36 until 4:26 December 22

December 23 from 6:18 until 5:53 December 24

December 25 from 18:12 until 7:08 December 26

December 27 from18:45 until 9:36 December 28

December 30 from 3:47 until to 13:57 December 30

Let the symbol of keys will be for you a part of your new home and cozy fireside! 

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Press tour in Saburovo ParkPress tour in Saburovo ParkPress tour in Saburovo ParkPress tour in Saburovo Park

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