Tropical winter in the Apothecary Garden
Tropical winter in the Apothecary Garden

On December 17 representatives of the metropolitan media were able to experience the atmosphere of the tropics. The greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University are preparing for Tropical Winter Festival. One of the most beautiful exhibitions is exhibition of orchids in the Palm House. Soon it will fill with the thousands of flowering plants with amazing properties. Some of them have striking shape and color, a different light in the shadows, while others exude incredible flavors: from vanilla to dust and odor of stale cheese and burnt rubber.

Premiere this year will be a major new exhibition «Garden of carnivorous plants». The exhibition will be presented to the famous Venus flytrap, as well as the most rare carnivorous plants from South America and Australia. During the exhibition feeding sessions of these plants predators and consultations of specialists on caring for these exotic plants will be available.

Collection of inhabitants of the driest place on Earth affects with non-boring forms. The exhibition features not only cacti, agave, euphorbias, aloe and Jade, as well as «living stones» - Lithops. They can be a great source of inspiration to create new textures and patterns on fabrics.

And while most gathered wishing to capture the beauty around orchid phalaenopsis, the most common in our latitudes. This plant was the prototype hue Shining Orchid (the most fashionable color of 2014 according to the company Pantone). Still amazing how planetary influences determine our need for a certain color. This light magenta color is very close to the spectral emission of Jupiter in Leo. And it will maintain its popularity until the end of 2014.

You should come here to learn more about the world of plants, or to please the eye and get creative inspiration. The exhibition is open from December 20, 2014 to March 31, 2015. 

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Tropical winter in the Apothecary GardenTropical winter in the Apothecary GardenTropical winter in the Apothecary GardenTropical winter in the Apothecary Garden

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