Month of love in the Aquamarine circus
Month of love in the Aquamarine circus

Circus of dancing fountains Aquamarine announced the start of a great action on the eve of Valentine’s Day. In February, for a whole month, the lovers will be able to communicate their feelings directly from the arena of the circus. Every year more and more people tend to talk about his love right from the arena of the circus! The first recognition of the most moving and promises real romantic poems and even marriage proposals ... In February, the sky under the big top is literally loaded with love!

In order to become parties to this magical story, you need to publish your declaration of love on the official website of the circus: www.circ-a.ru. Do not be afraid to open your heart! Those authors whose valentines gather more votes in an open vote, will receive a complimentary tickets to the circus show «Enchanted City». And most importantly is, that everyone is a winner in the final presentation will rise on our stage to surprise declaration of love for a soul mate! For your loved ones this time will be a miracle, and for your warm feelings of the audience will be part of an amazing performance!

You do not need to wait for Valentine’s Day, to say the most important words! Voting at the site of the circus begin on January 20 and will last until 26 February. Even the stars and astrological aspects support this amazingly beautiful share. During the period of Mercury retrograde, we can once again listen to the dictates of his heart. And if the feelings are real, they will live with us. Give a memorable holiday for your loved ones! 

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