The first swallows on Fashion-Astrology.com
The first swallows on Fashion-Astrology.com

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new column on Fashion-Astrology.com: «The First Swallows». Why do we called it in such name? To do this, there are reasons. Swallows, like any bird are a symbol of Aquarius air sign, which is known for its innovation, originality, the ability to foresee the future and make a revolution in the current view of the world. Swallows appear before the storm. Clouds are gathering, rain pouring, and then the whole world is filled with refreshing and new colors. Often there is a rainbow. This is picture of the world we like. The first swallows are the first harbingers of a new and confirmation of our fashion forecasts. And those fashion trends that are already clearly stated their existence, we consider in a different category: «Fashion trends under the microscope». Our long-term forecasts, which we are trying to look into the more distant future, belong to the category «Fashion trends in the telescope».

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